Monthly Archives: February 2009

a few more…

I’ve had these done for a while now, but I keep meaning to put them up on the blog. They are from the super-fun senior shoot I did a few weeks back. Once again, {M} was so awesome in front of the camera–I just absolutely love her blue eyes–they really do sparkle in all of her photos. I have one more from this session to post later so remember to check back.web_11


My little valentine.

My poor little Jacob was so sick (again) today. Another 102 fever and terrible cough. He was so sweet and so clingy, which I didn’t mind one bit. I never like it when my children are sick, but I appreciate the extra snuggles and mommy time. 

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet, sniffly little guy. I love you.valentine_web22

Senior shoot continued…

Did I mention how much fun I had on this photoshoot yet? All the girls were so natural in front of the camera and made it so easy for me to get tons of incredible photos. {L} was so great so I had the hardest time narrowing all of her pictures down! These are just a few of my favorites from our morning.untitled-33What I loved about these shoots was that I got to play around with processing a bit more than I normally do. I love the vintage look that I achieved with some of these and think it really looks great with {L’s} style and look.


My senior moment.

So I’ve found a new niche that I’m so excited about. While I absolutely adore photographing children and families, I have a new found love for high school seniors. I spent a few hours with these girls last Saturday and it was too much fun! I have four separate shoots that I’m still processing, so check back over the week for updates.

{J} has been our babysitter for the past year and we love having someone that truly enjoys spending time with our kids as much as we do. {J} and her friends were so great to get to know and these girls were all as sweet as can be. I was even able to get some great pictures of {J} and her older sister which I hope they’ll cherish throughout their lives.