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almost edible | sacramento infant photographer

I love when I get the news that one of my maternity clients has welcomed their precious little one into the world. It is so amazing to be able to chronicle this miracle of life and to look at their pregnancy portraits one minute and meet their amazingly beautiful bundle of joy the next. And beautiful Baby {O} certainly is. I had such a wonderful afternoon getting to know her and she was such a delight to photograph. She was so snugly and sleepy that we were able to capture some great images of her without even a peep.

This first image is just my absolute favorite. I love her curled little arms and her swoopy lips. 

web_23And what a gorgeous head of hair–I just love it! I was also so glad that Mom and Dad wanted some family images taken as well–they are such a beautiful family.web_61
When we placed baby {O} in this bowl Mom hit the nail on the head by saying that {O} looked almost edible. I couldn’t agree more–she is so yummy in all of her baby newness. What a perfect centerpiece!

web_14 I love the look on {O’s} face in this next one with Dad. Actually, I love the looks on both of their faces. You can really tell what a proud Papa he is.

web_34web_43Mom and Dad, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture your sweet girl’s two week images. Your online gallery will be up very soon!

senior session | sacramento portrait photographer

So have I said lately how much I enjoy high school senior sessions? I seriously had such a great time during {C’s} session this weekend. He was so awesome and was totally up for some of the urban-style ideas that I had in mind. I’m warning you, you’re going to be on image overload here. I really, really just couldn’t narrow them down. {C} doesn’t know how to take a bad picture.web_22 This next image has to be my absolute favorite. When {C} pulled out these glasses I knew they would look great, but then I saw the palm tree reflection–nothing short of perfection!web_13And I just loved that we were able to find such varying backgrounds for each outfit. We were wrapping up and about to call it a day when I saw the bright blue parking garage stairs. I’m so glad we were able to get a few images using them.web_3a{C} is on his school’s yearbook staff and just got back from their big convention, so we had a lot to talk about. In fact, he had just flown in that morning and had been up since before 5:00 am! You’d never know it by looking at these pictures.
web_42There are seriously so many more that I want to share, but this is supposed to be just a “sneak peek” and I guess I should stop.  {C}, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to photograph you–I had a great time and will let you know when the rest of your images are up!

baby love | sacramento family photographer

I consider myself so lucky that I was given the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family again. I captured their maternity as well as baby {A’s} newborn images. I nearly jumped up and down when Mom emailed to schedule their first family photographs. They are seriously such a beautiful family and it is so fun to see how {A} has already changed so much just in her first six weeks of life.


You can seriously just feel how much love Mom and Dad have for {A} just by the way they look at their precious little girl.web_21I think this last picture is my favorite from our session. {A’s} sweet expression is absolutely priceless.web_31Mom and Dad–thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your gorgeous family again. I hope you love your images!

best friends | sacramento children’s photographer

These two boys hold such a special place in my heart. I met {C} when he was just over a year old and my Jacob and he became friends right off the bat. Their temperaments complimented each other so well and they just really seemed to get along. And the same went for his mommy and me. The four of us spent many mornings walking (they lived just one street over) and would often visit our favorite park down the block or grab coffee together. 

We were both pregnant at the same time and when {W} and Abby joined the crew, we upgraded our single strollers to double joggers and continued our morning walking ritual. I can’t tell you how many awesome, encouraging conversations took place as we walked our 4 mile hike (and lost our baby weight together!) 

When I heard that they would be moving to Washington my heart ached. I am so excited for them and their new adventure that God has planned out, but I am selfishly sad that there will now be so many miles between us. I know that friendships like these don’t quickly fade away and that we’ll stay close for many years to come.

So we visited our favorite park yesterday to take some photographs of the boys in their favorite location. web22I just love this next one of {C}. Totally captures his spirit.web12

web6And seriously, just look at this handsome little guy! I love how he just struck a pose!web34web43And I couldn’t resist adding one picture of Jacob and {C}.web51Jenn–thanks for your friendship, for sharing your boys with my family, and for all of the great times over the past three years. I hope you love your pictures!

he’s growing up so fast | sacramento children’s photographer

I consider myself so lucky that I’ve gotten to photograph this little guy throughout the course of his life. I consider myself even luckier that I get to be his auntie! {W} is getting so big–not quite a baby anymore but not quite a big boy. But let me tell you, this in between toddler age is so much fun to capture! We had a great morning together playing with choo-choos and picking up rocks. And I can’t get over this mechanic’s jacket! Seriously adorable!
web_1We had a great game of peek-a-boo going on here.web_2I love this next picture because {W} just decided on his own that he was going to take a break and sit on the tracks for a while. web_3Mom had the best “Up, Down” song under her sleeve that she pulled out at just the right moment. I got so many great photographs of this little dance sequence and will definitely be using this fun song for some of my upcoming sessions.