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one lucky little girl | sacramento area family photographer

This week I met up with the luckiest little one year old around. Not only does she have two awesome, adoring parents, but she gets a new baby sister in just a little over a month. How great to have a sister who will surely be her best friend that is just fourteen months younger. Every little girl’s dream. And look at this precious face…every parent’s dream. Such a sweet, happy baby.
blog-15I just love this next sequence. {S} kept crawling toward me and I honestly think she got cuter and cuter with each step. I couldn’t stop snapping away–I didn’t want to miss any of her precious smiles!blog-35What a beautiful I got so many great family images, I just had to include these next two. I love the stage between crawling and walking as toddlers are gaining confidence and are so proud of their newfound independence. I love how the last image captures that perfectly on her{G} family–thank you so much for braving the heat (and even a bit of hiking) to capture these images. You have such a beautiful family. I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek! I’ll have many more images in your gallery within the week!

getting to know you | sacramento family photographer

Do you ever meet those people that you seem to like more and more each time you hang out with them? That’s how this family has become. We have gone to the same church for several years now, but just recently have been able to spend time together. Through birthday parties, backyard bbq’s and most recently our photography session, I have gotten to know this awesome family so much more and can’t wait to hang out again. Not only are they so much fun to be around but they are equally as fun to photograph. Seriously, look at them–what a beautiful family!
blog-52Little sister {S} is Jacob’s age and they get along so great. And Abby really looks up to her and wants to do everything that {S}{C} is one of the “big boys” from church that Jacob comes home talking about each Sunday. What a handsome guy!blog-24I was so glad that Mom and Dad wanted pictures of just the two of I usually take tight family shots, I wanted to try something different for this next one and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. What a beautiful morning, beautiful setting, and beautiful{S} family–thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to photograph your family. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! Your online gallery will be up soon with more images from our morning together.

little beauty | sacramento baby photographer

So this is the fourth time you’ve seen this beautiful little girl. Well, technically the third time since she was in Mommy’s belly for the maternity pictures. But I had the pleasure of photographing her newborn and six week images as well, so she can be seen all over the blog and my website galleries. Baby {A} is over four months old now, and I must say, she is cuter than ever! Her mom is a close friend of mine and I just adore this little gal. She is the only “baby” in our couples bible study group right now, so she certainly gets her fair share of love and attention. And how could you not want to snuggle her! She is absolutely adorable–I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

blog11blog4-copyblog31blog2aMom–I hope you love your sneak peek from our afternoon together! {A} is just adorable–thank you for thinking of me again to take her pictures as she grows.

small world | sacramento family photographer

I love the internet. It brings people together and provides a way for those who haven’t seen one another in years to reconnect. That’s what happened this past weekend when I met up with this beautiful family. By a small twist of fate {C} was jumping online to research family photographers as a Father’s Day present for her husband last June. But before she began her search she popped on facebook, only to find one of my advertisements. Turns out that I worked as a college intern for {C} years back when she was pregnant with her son. I worked with her after graduation and hadn’t seen her since I left to stay home with my son. What an amazingly small world, made even smaller by the world wide web.

I was so excited to meet up with {C} and to see her kids again–the last time I saw {N} he was four years old. And seriously, what a beautiful family they have become.

blog-5aThis next image has to be my favorite father / daughter photograph I have taken. It was actually not even posed and I love how natural it feels–you can really see the special connection that fathers have with their daughters here.
blog-13And this next image is another one for the gallery. blog-33blog-51{C} thank you so much for the opportunity to take your family’s portraits. It was so good to see you after all these years! I have many, many more images to come in your online gallery later this week. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

sunday afternoon | sacramento family photographer

Another weekend, another beautiful family. Mom and I had been communicating for a while regarding their upcoming photography session, so it’s always so nice to finally put a face to the voice. When they arrived at the arboretum little {N} was sound asleep–tuckered out from his huge second birthday celebration the day before. Instead of waking him right away, we let him steal a few extra minutes of sleep while I got some awesome images of older brother {J} and even some of Mom and Dad. It worked out perfectly–almost like we had planned it!blog3Seriously, one gorgeous mama! And I just love when I capture a moment that is so natural and not posed–I love that they’re laughing in this next one.blog1

When {N} started to wake up he was immediately mesmerized with everything going on–the huge pond, the ducks, the many squirrels. It was great to watch him take everything in.blog4Beautiful family and another great example of coordinating, but not matching exactly. I love that I can use my own clients as examples of what to wear–they all have such great taste!blog2Mom and Dad–thank you so much for sharing your Sunday afternoon with me. I had a great time getting to know your family! Your gallery will be up within the week with many more pictures from our time together.