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train time | sacramento children’s photographer

I love kids. I guess it’s a good thing that I specialize in children’s photography, because I really do love them. I love each of their unique personalities and how easy it is to immediately become friends. That is what is so great about kids–they don’t judge, they don’t care what you look like, all you have to do is find a common bond and you’re instantly buddies! That bond for {Z} and I was Thomas the Train. My nephew loves Thomas so I know all about him and his engine friends. And how fitting that we met up right outside the Railroad Museum in downtown Sacramento. While Thomas made an appearance in many of our images, we were able to get some great family shots with Thomas perched on top of my camera. I have lots of images of everyone looking at the camera, but for some reason I really love this next one of the family. I think it’s great how the kids are looking at me (or maybe at Thomas) and how Mom and Dad are adoring their little ones.
blog-46Little {B} just celebrated his first birthday. I love this age–not quite walking but certainly on the go. And he even tried to stand up and take a step at one point–something Mom and Dad said he hadn’t done before. How awesome that I got to be there to experience one of these firsts for him!blog-18
{Z} was so good for the camera. He’s close to my son’s age and I just love this time in their lives. He was all into exploring, rolling down the grassy hills, and playing with Thomas on the train tracks. blog-210I just have a sneaking suspicion that these two are going to be best friends growing up. What great guys–Mom and Dad are obviously doing something right. They were so well behaved and fun to be around. In fact, I had a great time with their whole family. I love when I meet people that are just so relaxed and easy going. It makes my job so easy–sometimes I forget that I’m there to photograph and not just hang out!blog-39
{B} family–thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your family. I had a wonderful time in Old Sacramento with you and will have many more pictures in your online gallery. I’ll be in touch!

big debut | sacramento children’s photographer

While on our family vacation in Santa Cruz back in June I popped into a little antique shop hoping to find something that I just couldn’t live without. That’s when I stumbled upon it–a gorgeous vintage doll carriage. I convinced my husband that I just had to have it–that is was perfect for all of the newborn sessions I had on the calendar. That it would get so much use it would be ridiculous. That I would bring it to every session. Alright, I might be exaggerating a bit, but I had big plans for this carriage. Bigger plans that just Jacob pushing it up the streets of downtown Santa Cruz on our way to our car.

Well, my stroller finally had it’s time to shine, and I must say, it couldn’t  have had a better I just love this family! I photographed baby {A} as a newborn and Mom is in our playgroup and little {I} is just around Abby’s age. These two girls are just absolute was able to capture some great images of just the “girls”. We had such a beautiful evening at the pond playing and laughing and throwing rocks in the I just love this last one of {I}. I can’t get over those gorgeous blue eyes!blog-38Mom–thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to photograph your girls. I’ll have your gallery done soon–in the meantime, enjoy!

all smiles | sacramento newborn photographer

It feels like Christmas morning to me when I wake up and remember that I get to photograph a newborn that day. Honestly, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better than that for me. I love everything about newborn photography sessions. They’re adorable little bodies, their smell, their precious little noises. And most of all, those newborn smirks. I just can’t get over a sleeping baby that can smile like that. And Baby {L} was no exception. I have never had a baby smile more than she did. It was unbelievable. We would get her all situated in her pose, I’d get my camera ready, and as soon as I clicked the shutter, BAM…she would flash her amazing dimpled smile. Absolutely adorable!blog-37And what a beautiful baby. It’s no wonder she’s so gorgeous after seeing her parents. I photographed their maternity session back in July and couldn’t wait to meet {L}.blog-16Love the hands on the head here. {L} was so good and sleepy for us–such a great little model!blog-27I love close-up, swoopy baby lips. Aren’t {L’s} just adorable?blog-44Mom and Dad–thank you so much for welcoming me into your home to photograph these precious moments in {L’s} life. I hope you love your sneak peek–more images to come soon!

so stinking cute | sacramento children’s photographer

Busy, busy, busy. That’s me lately. I’ve been a bit behind on blog posts but I promise many more adorable family and precious newborn posts soon. In the meantime, enjoy these two cuties. They belong to a very good friend of mine and I had so much fun at their photosession / playdate. It’s the first session that I brought my own children to, and I must say, Jacob could become my assistant in the near future. Ok, maybe in ten or so years, but still, he did a great job in getting little {M} to {K} is always so photogenic. I love how she immediately strikes a{L}, I had a great time by the river with your family–I’ll have more images in your online gallery soon.

Christmas in August | sacramento family photographer

Well, not quite. But definitely in October and November. As a way to get everyone in before the holiday rush I am happy to announce that I will be offering two Holiday Mini Sessions this fall. For those that like to plan ahead and have their holiday cards in hand by mid-November I recommend signing up for the October sessions. And for those (like me) that don’t even think about Christmas cards until it’s actually December, the November session is just for you. Be sure to email me as soon as possible to reserve your date. I’ve already had a lot of interest in holiday sessions and have a feeling these will fill up fast. And check out these awesome card templates for 2009! I love them–there is definitely something for everyone.