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friend of a friend | sacramento family photographer

You know how you refer to people as “a friend of a friend”. That’s what I would have said about this family back when I took little {W’s} six month pictures. But after spending another session with them I definitely consider them friends. And what fun they are! I had a blast this evening with them on our little photography adventure. Most people know that I am deathly afraid of rattlesnakes. When Dad pulled the car over at the location Mom had already scoped out I nearly fainted. The fields, although gorgeous, looked like rattlesnake heaven to me. Anytime my husband, Brad, and I drive past a dry field I always ask, “How many rattlesnakes do you think are in there? Like 10…100…1,000?” So it was a big stretch for me to get out of the car and venture into rattlesnake land. Dad assured me that in the years that they have lived out there that they have seen snakes, but no rattlesnakes. So this just goes to show how awesome I knew the location would be to risk coming into contact with the dreaded snake. And I will say, it was definitely worth it. I am in love with the images we captured there–the lighting, the location, everything–just perfect. Oh, and no can’t believe this little guy is a whole year already. His six month session is still one of my all-time favorites. You’ll even recognize his adorable face from my blog header. I honestly didn’t think he could get any cuter, but he went and proved me I said before, I absolutely loved the lighting here. I rarely experiment with sun flare, mostly because I like my images super crisp and bold and have a hard time achieving that with a lot of flare. But I adore this next image–it might just be showing up in my blog header here is that color that I know and love so well.

blog-47I just really enjoy this adorable family. They were so wonderful, are absolutely in love with their little guy, and are so stinking photogenic to boot!blog-53{G} family–thank you so much for choosing me again to capture these images for you. I had a great evening with you all and love the locations you found. And you helped me overcome (okay, not completely) my fear of snakes! I hope you love the sneak peek–I’ll email you as soon as your gallery is ready for viewing.

six months later | roseville children’s photographer

Another little one turns two! You’ll remember this cutie from her 18 month session back when the tulips were in bloom. Now it’s the beginning of fall and she’s six months older. I had such a great time with {S} this evening. Mom came totally prepared with gold fish crackers and candies and I came with my silliness and we got some great smiles and laughs out of little miss {S}. It don’t know about you, but I think we were successful–just look at that adorable face!blog-36We even had pre-dinner tea party. I found this little set today and thought it would be perfect for our session. I think that {S} thought so, a gorgeous family. I love their expressions, the lighting, everything!blog-46And because my new goal is to challenge myself to do something different with at least one image for each session, I decided to play around with this next one. Those that know me know that I have a hard time doing anything but color–bright, bold color. I love it. That’s why you rarely see any black and white images on the blog. Though I do like black and white, I am always drawn back to the original color. But for this next image I really like the faded feel. It just really goes with the{D} family–thank you so much for choosing me again to photograph your family. You are always such a joy to be around. I hope you love your images and I’ll be in touch when your gallery is finished.

my little girl | sacramento children’s photographer

What can I say. She’s my sunshine, my cuddle bug, my sensitive one. Abby is everything a mother could hope for in a daughter. She is tender yet stands her ground. She is delicate yet keeps up with her big brother. She is pure beauty–inside and’s a rare occasion that the Squires’ children will allow themselves to be photographed. Every photographer I know has the same issues–their children refuse to be in front of the camera. So when I asked Abby if I could take some pictures of her and she said yes, I jumped at the chance, knowing my window of time would be very small. And it was, but I’m so happy with the result. I even tried something different with the processing on the next image and love the vintage feel that it has.

blog-18I love you my sweet little girl.

growing up | folsom children’s photographer

Can he really be two already? I can’t believe how quickly {T} is growing up. I was so lucky to photograph him back in May and at the time I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any cuter. But I was wrong. I met up with him this week and boy has he turned into a handsome little man!blog-25His gorgeous curls are even longer, his big smile even more adorable, and his personality is even more infectious! We had so much fun playing peek-a-boo, exploring, and hiking down to the river. {T} loved being down by the water–he spotted all the boats and the ducks flying overhead–it was so cute! And I loved the light that we were capturing there. blog-15At the end of the session–after I knew that we had already captured some amazing images–{T} was able to run around in the sprinklers nearby. It was so fun watching him squeal each time he would get sprayed by the water. I love that you can see the water droplets on his shirt in the next image. It was yet another time I wished I had video of a session–he was just too I’ll leave you with this image–what an amazing smile. Mom, you’re going to have trouble with this little guy when he gets older. What a charmer!blog-45Mom, thank you so much for choosing me again for your son’s portraits. I was looking forward to our session all week (ok, all month!) and I hope you just love the results. I’ll be in contact as soon as your gallery is ready.

rain, rain, go away | orangevale family photographer

Threatening clouds and looming showers couldn’t stop this family from being absolutely adorable. The {B} family attends our church and I’ve actually known Dad since junior high. And I must say, their children are so stinkin’ cute! Cute to the point that I have been dying to take little {B’s} pictures for quite a while now, but thought that it might sound creepy if I approached them and said, “Hey, your little guy is so adorable–can I take his picture?” So I was so glad when they  approached me asking for a family session. What a precious{B} has the most beautiful, big brown eyes. See what I mean?blog-24And baby sister has gorgeous bright baby have so many great ones of this pose, but for some reason I love the one of {B} looking down. Amazing long lashes and there is just something so precious about the way he is holding her and the look of joy on her face. It reminds me of my own Jacob and Abby at their
{B} family–I had a great time with you this past Saturday (even in the rain!) Your family is so beautiful–inside and out. I hope you love your sneak peek! I’ll have many, many more images ready for you soon!