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three…two…one…woosh! | the new blog unveiling

What’s that wooshing sound? That’s the sound of the unveiling of the new, improved Megan Squires Photography blog! I said I would make you all wait until the first of the year, but truth is that I just couldn’t wait any longer! I’ve had my gorgeous new logo (courtesy of Tiffany over at On the Spot Studio) for about a month now and it’s been killing me to use my old one when I’ve had this new creation waiting in the wings. So wait no more…Ta-da!

Don’t you just love the new logo? And the new blog, love that too, right? Look up at the images fading in and out on the top…pretty spiffy, wouldn’t you agree? And the larger pictures within the post–love it! I just can’t stop admiring it all. I feel so branded (not like a cow being tattooed with a flaming hot rod but more “everything looks and flows together so completely, like one total package” branded.) Everything matches now from my website, to my blog, to my contracts, even down to my gorgeous packaging for my prints (pictures of that soon!). It feels so nice to be organized–like a spring cleaning of sorts. Out with the old, in with the new.

Along with all this “newness” I have some exciting features over at the website ( There is now a nifty client section which allows you to not only view your images online, but order them as well. No more downloading a document, tediously filling it out and emailing it back. Now all of your friends and family can view your pictures in a password protected gallery and order their prints there on the spot. So streamlined–love it! I’m also super excited about my new price list which includes some fantastic new products that I’ll be offering in 2010! Custom leather albums, gorgeous wall art options, beautiful image boxes…I’ve got it all. I’m finishing up a detailed product guide that will have images of each product as well as pricing information. I love that as a custom photographer I can offer these items that are truly that–custom. And boy are they gorgeous!

So be sure to add the blog to your Google Reader as I’ll be posting frequently over the next few weeks with new products, an upcoming contest, and of course new session sneak peeks! Speaking of, I had the best session yesterday with an adorable two year old. Seriously, two year olds are supposed to be difficult to photograph but this cutie pie made it sooo easy. Here’s a teaser for now…I’ll have the rest of the session later this

Merry Christmas! | sacramento family photographer

I’ve been absent from the blog for a while, but that’s been intentional. See, behind the scenes I’ve been quite a busy bee. Getting lots of things ready for my business for the new year. Just wait…it’s going to be awesome. I promise. In fact I can hardly wait. But I set January 1st as my unveiling, so we’ll all have to wait just a bit longer.

But there is one thing that really couldn’t wait, so I had to pop on the blog one last time for 2009. This time of year gets so busy with shopping, wrapping, visiting friends and family, eating (and eating, and eating) and spreading holiday cheer. All good things. Most of them great things. But in the middle of all the busyness it might be easy to overlook the greatest thing of all. That on that night many, many years ago God came down to dwell with humanity in the form of a tiny little baby, wrapped in cloths and placed in a manger. The greatest promise given to man, that we might have eternal life through the gift of Jesus. This is the reason I celebrate.

I wish you all a very, merry Christmas. I thank each one of you for being a part of my life this past year–see you all in 2010!

three girls | folsom family photographer

A few days late, but better late than never, right? My poor blog is being neglected as I get galleries ready, packages shipped, and holiday cards created. But there is no way I could forget to post this session. {M} is my bible study leader for my mom’s group that meets on Tuesday mornings and I just love her. She and I have many similar personality traits so I always know that she gets me. I was so excited when she asked to get on my calendar because I knew it would be such a fun session with her three beautiful daughters and I was right! We met by the river and got the traditional family images but toward the end of the session we let the girls do their own thing and I’m so happy with what we captured. I wish I could fit it all on the blog but I’ll have to limit it to just a few.

Their gorgeous their three beautiful a little can only imagine how much fun it must be to grow up as one of three sisters. blog-6{D} family–thank you so much for meeting up with me last weekend. I had a great time and will have SO many more images for your gallery soon! Enjoy!