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sleeping beauty | folsom newborn photographer

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this little babe was in here. And now she’s actually here and couldn’t be any cuter if you ask me. {S} was 15 days old when I photographed her (which is on the older side for newborn photography) but she was a sleepy little beauty and slept better than some of my six day olds! And don’t you just adore her little ruffle romper? While I usually photograph newborns in their bare skin, I have fallen in love with this little outfit and know I’ll be buying it in more colors for my newborn girls. For my fellow photographers out there, I got this from a friend of mine who has a local boutique and an online Etsy shop. She specializes in “all things cute” and I definitely agree! I get all my pettiskirts and bloomers from her, too. Check out her Chic Baby Rose shop–I know you’ll be drooling over all of the frilly goodness.

And in the meantime, go ahead and drool over all the precious sleepy baby goodness here.

10 days | folsom newborn photography

Someone needs to get me some tylenol because I have serious baby fever! Two newborns in one week (and other next week)? What is this going to do to the “We’re done with two kids” rule my husband and I have? Seriously, every time I photograph a precious new little one I head straight home and tell Brad that we need to start trying for a third. Luckily he’s always able to talk some sense into me and I resign myself to the fact that I just have to be satisfied with the gorgeous baby pictures that I get to edit. For now that will have to do.

I got to meet 10 day old {V} this afternoon and he was an absolute dream. I still feel so honored every time a new momma trusts me with the first pictures of her precious little one. To allow a stranger into your home to position, snap away, and position some more, your new babe is no small thing and I don’t take it lightly. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do–knowing that these are images my clients will cherish for the rest of their lives.

{V} wasn’t sure he wanted to sleep at first but once he did, man he was out like a light! I’m sure the heater and the noise machine helped a bit (I think I might have even lost a couple pounds with the sauna-like temperature I kept the room at, but I’ll do anything for a sleepy newborn). I have so many favorites from this session, but here are just a few. {V} was so animated and we even got some great sleepy smiles.Blog1Blog2aBlog3Blog4Blog5 copy

early blessing | el dorado hills newborn photographer

Don’t you just love getting gifts early? I am (usually) able to convince my husband every Christmas to give me just one gift a day early. It’s just so much fun to start enjoying a present before it’s supposed to be given.

Well, this little guy came over a week early! Talk about a great gift! He wasn’t supposed to make his debut until tomorrow, but I know that Mom and Dad are so glad he’s already here. I know I am–I had a wonderful afternoon getting to know this adorably squishy little newborn. Mom and I are in a Tuesday morning bible study together at our church and I just love her. She’s always so encouraging and get this–she offered to watch my kids when she was 8 months pregnant to give me a break! What a servant’s heart!

And little {E} is equally as lovable. He wasn’t so sure that he wanted to miss out on all of the excitement, but eventually gave in to a sweet slumber. The images we were able to capture are just so perfect. I can’t decide whether I like the first image or the black and white conversion better, so I thought I would include them both so you can see how just cropping and changing to black and white can change the look and feel of an image.

Blog1aBlog4Blog2Blog5Blog3Mom–I had a great afternoon hanging out with you and {E}! I hope you all love your images! Give {E} a big snuggle for me!

love this age | folsom children’s photographer

Yep. Six months is still my favorite age to photograph. While I love photographing children of all ages, there is just something special about this age. And there’s something even more special about this little girl. I’ve photographed her since she was in Mama’s belly and it’s such an honor to continue photographing her throughout her first year of life. I love to see how much growth occurs over just a few months. From an adorable sleepy newborn, to a beautiful three month old, to a stunning six month old, little {L} continues to get cuter and cuter. She was such a trooper and even though she’s smack dab in the middle of teething, she was such a love for us and gave us some great images.Blog1Blog4Blog3Blog2Blog5Mom–a little early “birthday” sneak peek for you! Hope you adore the latest pictures of your little one and have a lovely Valentine / birthday tomorrow!

just perfect | sacramento infant photographer

It always feels like Christmas to me when I finish a session and pop my compact flash into my computer. I get all giddy as I sit and wait for my files to copy into their new folder so I can view them and star my favorites. I especially feel that way after a session where I know I got lots of great images.

That’s how today’s session with {K} was. I just couldn’t wait to browse through all of the pictures and start editing them. And once I started, I just couldn’t stop! This little one was such a doll! Her eyes are so amazingly expressive and she’s at my favorite age where she can sit up but can’t crawl away out of my camera’s frame. Love that.

And I love these first two images. So much so that I think I might just order a canvas of one as a studio sample. The lighting was just perfect (which we had to work for–believe me). Being a natural light photographer has it’s challenges in the winter. We actually had {K} set up a couple of feet from the door and I did most of my shooting from out on the porch (with Dad and Mom taking turns making silly sounds and faces behind me.) Put all that together and you get the perfect session, don’t you agree?

Blog1Blog2Blog6Blog4Blog3Blog7Mom and Dad–I had a great time getting to know you and little {K} today. I hope you love your sneak peek! I’ll be in touch and will let you know when your gallery is ready!