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fierce | sacramento senior portrait photographer

Fierce. That’s the word I think of when I think about these girls. They withstood Utah’s freezing temperatures in prom dresses all for the sake of art. Seriously, they were fierce.

This image was taken at the end of Day 2 of the amazing Nichole Van workshop. We spent the afternoon photographing the models with speedlights and strobes and I found a new love. Lighting. Yep, that’s right. This natural light girl has changed her tune. I absolutely loved playing with lights. I had no idea how incredible the results could be by adding a strobe light to the situation.

So when dinner was over and Nichole said we could take her strobes out to play I jumped at the chance. Literally–I actually jumped out of my seat to snag those strobes and the models. This image was taken right at sunset and the sky was seriously that amazing. And the girls are seriously that gorgeous. No retouching done on them whatsoever. I only added Nichole’s soft color pop action, played with the color balance a little, and sharpened for the web.

I have so many more images of these beautiful gals that I can’t wait to post on the blog, so be checking back frequently as I add more of the individual models. And I can’t wait put into action all of the incredible information I absorbed this week. Nichole is truly a gifted artist and teacher and I feel so blessed that I got to be part of such a phenomenal workshop.

out of the office | folsom photographer

Tomorrow I’m leaving on a jet plane headed to Utah for Nichole Van’s photography workshop. I can’t wait to learn from one of the best and meet other photographers from around the country. So needless to say, I’ll be out of the office tomorrow until Monday, March 29th. I’ll have limited access to email, but will return the bulk of my messages at the beginning of next week.

And I’m not the only thing headed out of the office. These beautiful products will be leaving my hands today and will arrive in my client’s later this week. I’ll admit that I’m not the greatest product photographer, but these are just too gorgeous not to be photographed. As a custom photographer, I offer much more than just your traditional 8×10 print. These gorgeous image boxes are my current favorite. They hold 15 matted prints and are so dreamy in person.

And this float wrap is a modern take on a 16×20 print. It’s literally your image, wrapped and mounted so when hung it appears to “float” from the wall. How cool is that? I’m so excited for my clients to have these (although part of me wishes I could keep them for myself!).

I would really encourage anyone considering custom photography to look around your home and find the perfect places to display your artwork. Gift prints such as 5×7′s and 8×10′s are meant to sit on desks. But walls scream for large, gorgeous images. Don’t be scared by the sound of a 16×20 or 20×24. I promise you it’s not as big as you might think and I bet you’d even wish you went larger. To me there is nothing more beautiful that decorating your home with images of your own life, so go big!

cutie pie | folsom baby photographer

If you look up “cutie pie” in the dictionary (that is, if it were an actual word that was really in the dictionary), I’m sure you’d find these images of six month old {E}. That’s exactly the phrase that comes to mind when I think of this sweet little girl. Those chubby arms and legs, those big brown eyes, and those tiny, adorable two teeth. Cutie pie.

Mom–I had a great time hanging out with you and {E} yesterday. You both were so much fun to be around and are the reason why I love my job. I hope you love your sneak peek of your little cutie pie.

six weeks | folsom newborn photographer

Alright. I’m going to admit something, but you can’t tell anyone, okay?

I get nervous.

Whew. I feel much better now that that’s out there.

But seriously, I do. I get nervous. I still get nervous before every photography session.

But I look at that as a good sign. I get nervous because I know how important the images I’m about to take are. They will represent one second in time that can never be duplicated. They will hang on someone’s wall. They will become works of art.

And for today’s session I was a bit more nervous than usual. When Mom contacted me to take pictures of her six week old little guy we knew {C} was on the older side for newborn images. We talked over the details, knowing that we would have to work hard to get those sleepy, snuggly images. Well, turns out we hardly had to work at all. {C} was the perfect little model. He was still and alert and made great eye contact for all of his awake images. And usually for newborns we need to feed, snuggle, burp (and then feed some more) to lull them into dreamland. Not so for {C}. He fell alseep all on his own in my green bucket of all places! It was truly hysterical–we placed him in the bucket and then watched as his eyelids got heavier and heavier until he was out like a light.

So once again my nerves were for nothing since {C} was a champ and our session was awesome. Here are a few of my favorites.

finger paint | sacramento children’s photographer

Paint…check. Sand….check. Water…check. Toddler boy willing and ready to get messy for the sake of photography? You bet!

I had a great time meeting up with {Z} for his two year old session this week. We decided to meet at Artbeast, a local children’s art studio in downtown Sacramento. It proved to be the perfect setting with all the bold colors and fun activities for kids. I just love these images of {Z}–especially the last one with paint and water all over his face. It’s difficult to get two year olds to sit still for formal portraits at this age, so I think this is the perfect place for toddlers. I’m all about creative locations for children’s photography and I think Artbeast is one of my new favorites.