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inspired | folsom portrait photographer

When I was a little girl I loved to play dress up. To put on a sparkly dress was to become part of another world of imagination where anything was possible. There is just something so freeing about dressing as someone else, assuming another identity, and becoming that person for a short while.

I often feel like this as I look through magazines and catalogs. I get lost in the images, in the clothing, in the models and the characters they have become. Every time I open up an Anthropologie catalog I feel this way. For a while now I have wanted to do a session inspired by these thoughts and images I have in my mind. So when I talked with my good friend, Bri, of Brianna Anderson Photography based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, and she was equally as excited about a session of this type, I knew we had to try it.

This past weekend we met up in San Diego and we had the best afternoon as we got dolled up, found the absolute perfect location to shoot, and avoided the threatening rain clouds overhead. It is so rewarding as a photographer when something you have already created in your head becomes reality in the form of an actual photograph. I just love these next images of Bri. She is just so stunning.
I don’t even know how many images we actually took and which pictures ended up on which camera. When all was said and done we just burned a couple of cd’s so we could edit our favorites from the session. Here are a few of my edits of the images that Bri took of me.
I’m currently working on another concept shoot with a client of mine and can’t wait to do more sessions that really push me as an artist.

So cute, he is | folsom children’s photographer

Jacob is obsessed with Star Wars. He loves everything about it. You would never have any idea that the kid has never once seen an actual Star Wars film. But all of his buddies at preschool love Star Wars, so he (of course) loves it, too.

When he saw this shirt at H&M the other day he begged me for it and I just couldn’t resist those puppy dog eyes of his. And Yoda was pretty hard to resist, too.

something new | sacramento wedding portrait photographer

I vividly remember the voicemail I got a little over a month ago asking if I did wedding portrait sessions. He said that they had gone to my website and loved my images, and would I be open to doing a bridal session? Over the past couple of years I have turned away many wedding requests, mostly because I think that I’ve found my sweet spot with newborn and children’s photography, and also because shooting a wedding scares me to death! There are so many factors that come into play and I’m not at a time in my life or business that is conducive to being a wedding photographer. I really enjoy having most of my weekends available to spend with my family and portrait sessions really go well with that. I’m rarely gone for more than a few hours at a time and it’s the perfect balance for me between work and family.

But it had never occurred to me to do a bridal session. So when Will asked, I knew it was something I would want to try. The fact that they were also driving up from the bay area to have little ol’ me photograph them was also hugely flattering. And when I saw Will and Orawin walk up as I was waiting at the Capitol steps I actually let out a little squeal! How beautiful are they? I love that although I had told them I don’t have a lot of experience photographing couples, they put their full trust in me and let me try out different settings and poses.

I think the end result speaks for itself. What a gorgeous couple, beautiful architecture, breathtaking scenery, and amazing light. I just couldn’t narrow down, so this is one huge sneak peek!

Orawin and Will–thank you both so much for having the confidence in me to push me to try something new. I hope that you two are the first of many bridal sessions to come. I truly loved photographing the love you have for one another and I hope you cherish these images for many years to come.