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dancer | folsom senior portrait photographer

This session was so much fun! Think So You Think You Can Dance meets high school senior photoshoot. Although I honestly do enjoy every shoot, this one was just over the top, pure fun! When {L} and her mom contacted me to do {L’s} senior portraits and mentioned that she was a dancer I knew we would have a great time. {L} is so incredibly talented and it showed with every click of my camera. She was such a great sport–repeatedly jumping, twirling, and posing so I could capture all of her dance moves. And aside from being a beautiful dancer, she’s just gorgeous. Love those brown eyes!

{L}, I hope you love your sneak peek. Enjoy your final days as a high school senior and have a great graduation!

graduation | folsom senior photography

I vividly remember all the craziness that was the last few weeks of senior year of high school. {M} is smack dab in the middle of it all right now–finishing up one journey and about to embark on another. I feel so privileged every time I am asked to document this time of life. And I couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous model if I had hand picked her myself! {M} is just stunning and equally as fun to hang out with. I had a great time at our shoot at the capitol–I just love the blooming rose garden this time of year and think it complimented {M} and her style perfectly.

{M}, I hope you enjoy every minute left in your senior year! I’ll let you know as soon as your full gallery is up!

catching up | folsom family photographer

So I’ve discovered the result to burning the candle at both ends (and it’s not pretty, let me tell you). Picture a very congested, cranky, and sneezy Megan and you’ve got an idea of what my week has looked like. After I finished up photographing this adorable family I went home only to head to bed early with a stuffy nose and cough. Luckily I didn’t have any other sessions scheduled until last night, but the much needed rest and early bedtime has put me behind in my sneak-peeking, editing, and ordering. So I got out my trusty to-do list and have created a very thorough, detailed plan to get everything finished up in a quite timely matter if I do say so myself.

And at the top of that list was getting the “sneak peek” together for the {T} family. My favorite part about this session was how snuggly they all are. You really can just see the love they have for one another–it comes through so clearly in all of the images I took. I always have to remind my clients to scoot closer together–that it might feel awkward but I promise it looks better in pictures than to have one foot gaps in between each person. But I didn’t have to tell the {T} family that once. I just love the closeness they share and think these images reflect that perfectly.

natural glow | sacramento maternity photographer

I usually love maternity sessions, but I loved this one even more because it’s my little niece in that beautiful belly! My sister in law, Carrie, is due with her first child in July and I couldn’t be more excited. When they were up last weekend for her baby shower I was able to document Carrie’s growing belly. As I was driving to the session I felt like a storm chaser or something–I was seriously watching the sun set before my eyes and was hoping that I would get there in time. But I must admit, the beautiful glowing sunset was the perfect compliment to Carrie’s natural pregnant glow. I just love these images.

vintage beauty | sacramento infant photographer

I know her mom is anxious for her sneak peek, so I don’t want to keep her waiting any longer. And I really just couldn’t wait to get this little darling up on the blog. We first met up at a park, but once I saw her outfit I knew we needed to make the short drive over to the capitol for the rest of her shoot. I just love how her hair flower and beautiful cream colored dress look against the checkerboard pattern of the capitol entrance. She looks like a little vintage beauty.