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firsts | sacramento newborn photography

This weekend was a first for me. Little {J} was officially the first newborn to stay awake throughout his entire session. For three and a half hours we pulled out every trick in the book–the space heater, the noise machine, multiple feedings, snuggling, and cuddling, but he was just too excited for his first photoshoot. But there was also another first during our session. {J} has to be the first baby to not make so much as a peep. And with the fact that he was awake the whole time just goes to show what a happy, content baby he is. He was such an absolute doll throughout the whole thing and once we realized that he just really wanted to be awake, we went with it.

And I’m glad we did because we got lots of adorable, wide-eyed awake images. It’s usually really difficult to get eye contact with a newborn, but {J} was amazing and kept looking directly at the camera, which made my job so easy. And I just love how expressive his eyes are in these pictures.

checklist | folsom senior portrait photographer

Outgoing? Check.

Fun to be around? Check.

Enjoys being photographed? Check.

The camera loves her? Um…CHECK!

I am so lucky to have not only awesome, but absolutely gorgeous senior representatives. Lindsay is my spokesmodel for Folsom High School and we had so much fun trekking around Old Folsom for her session. If there was a checklist for spokesmodel requirements, Lindsay would fit them all. And I know that she’s been anxious for her sneak peek since I was on vacation all last week, so without further ado, here are her oh-so-stunning images. 

And here is something else that I am super excited to offer my seniors this year–custom slideshows featuring images and video taken during their session. I love this new product so much that I’ve decided to give the slideshow to all of my seniors who book by July 31st for FREE! Just a little way of saying, “Hey, thanks for choosing me as your photographer. I like you.” Your session doesn’t have to take place before the end of July, you just need to pay your deposit and get a session date on the calendar by then. These slideshows are great to play at graduation parties, to post on facebook, or to send to your relatives across the country. Whatever you use it for, it will be something totally unique and totally “you”.

deserving dad photography session | a contest

There just aren’t enough.

Every time I browse through my own personal image files on my computer I end up disappointed that there aren’t enough.

I should have pulled out the camera more.
I should have video taped him playing with my children so I could hear his voice over and over again.
I should have actually gotten in more of the photos that I do have of him.

There just aren’t enough and I can’t go back and change that now.

When my father passed away a little over two years ago from kidney cancer everything about my life changed. But a change that I didn’t expect to happen took place. A passion grew within me–a passion to photograph. The most precious things that I had left of my dad were our photographs and the memories we made as we took them. So I developed a passion to start doing what I always loved to do professionally. To provide others with beautiful images of their loved ones so that one day, they might look back at them and be so grateful that they took the time to schedule that session or to photograph that smile. That they would forever remember that moment in time because they have it in the form of a picture.

My Dad was always interested in photography and tried to show me the ins and outs of it many times. But I was a busy teenager and words like “aperture” and “exposure” went in one ear and out the other. I did always love looking at his camera and his lenses and seeing the beautiful images that he took, but I didn’t have the patience or the desire to learn from him at the time. Now more than ever I wish I could sit down with him and “talk photography”. I wish I could ask him questions and take everything in as he explained things to me. I wish he could see my work. I wish I could hear him say how proud he was of me.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. There isn’t a day that I don’t look at the large canvas hanging in our stairway and see his dimpled smile and think about the man and father that he was. But I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I had him in my life for 26 years and that both of my kids had the chance to meet him. And I’m grateful for the pictures that I do have of him. That my children have a face to put to the many stories I share with them of their Papa.

So this Father’s Day I’ve decided that I want to give back. That I want to provide a family with the gift of photography so that they, too, will one day look back at their images and feel so grateful that they took the time to take them. But I need your help. I will be giving away one complimentary Family Session and the “Top 5″ digital image package to a deserving Dad and his family.

I know that you know him. Maybe he’s a Dad who goes above and beyond to be a great role model for his kids. Or a Dad who serves our country to protect our freedom. Or a Dad who goes the extra mile to provide for his family. Whoever he may be, he deserves recognition for all that he does.

To nominate your Deserving Dad, click on the image below and submit the form by Wednesday, June 30th, 2010. The winner will be announced on Saturday, July 3rd, so spread the word!

And Happy Father’s Day to all the deserving Dad’s out there!

reconnecting | folsom family photographer

Not much will get me out of bed at 6:30 am. I am so lucky that both of my kids sleep in, because I tend to be quite a night owl and not much of a morning person. But I nearly jumped out of bed the morning of this shoot because I was so excited to photograph this beautiful family. Corinne is an old high school friend of mine and we reconnected through Facebook (don’t you just love Facebook for that?) this past year. Everything about this session was so much fun–the only thing I’m upset about is the fact that they live so far away because I know that {A} and my Jacob would be best buddies. Seriously, their personalities are so similar–it was like spending the morning with my own little guy. He was such a crack up!

And seriously–what a gorgeous family!

my style | folsom children’s photographer

When I went to a workshop for professional photographers back in March, many of us got into a discussion about defining our style. How does a photographer discover their style? Is it the way they take their photos? Is it how they edit them? Is it how they pose their clients? Is it how they interact with their clients? Is it all of the above?

I know it’s a struggle for a lot of photographers to define their style, and once they find it, they often feel limited by it. I, for one, pretty easily define my style as bright, clean, and classic. I know that I want my pictures to be timeless, that’s why I don’t do a lot of textures or use lots of actions on my images. That’s just my personal preference. Don’t get me wrong–I love a good image with a grungy, texturized feel. I’ve just found that every time I try this style on my own, I end up preferring my original edit.

But lately I’ve been stretching myself–trying new things. I’m really loving distortion, especially when photographing children (glance up at the image of my sweet Abby in the orchard at the top of this blog and you’ll see what I mean). And I’ve enjoyed playing around with sunflare, too. And black and white images? I never used to like them. My style is all about bold, bright color, right? Well, done correctly, you can really achieve a bold and bright feel in a black and white image.

So when I was going through the images from this session of adorable Miss {A}, I knew that I wanted to try a few new things. I loved the haze that I was getting from the evening sun coming through the grasses and thought that these pictures would look great edited with a vintage feel. To me, they look like they could be pulled out of a Crewcuts ad with her adorable jumper and accessories. And I just love the black and white edits. Her dark hair and eyes contrast so beautifully against her creamy skin.

This session is one of my favorites not only because I had such a great time hanging out with {A}–who, by the way, came up to me out of the blue and hugged me–love that! But it’s also a favorite because of the emotion that the images convey. I love how they aren’t all just of {A} looking at the camera, posing, and smiling. I love the strands of hair on her face, I love her profile defined by the setting sun behind her, I love that they make you feel something when you look at them. And I love that I’ve given myself the creative freedom to try something new. Something to enhance my style. Something to help me grow as a photographer and as an artist.