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my niece ellie | folsom newborn photographer

I adore her. Simple as that.

fields of sunflowers | folsom senior portrait photographer

I have been dreaming of sunflower filled fields for two years now, and last week my dream became a reality. As many of you that are local know, Sacramento is home to acres and acres of golden fields during the summer months. However, these past years I’ve acted too late and always seemed to schedule a session right at the end of the short season. Not so this year. When I talked to Allie, my gorgeous senior spokemodel for Oakmont High School, I knew these fields would be a perfect fit for our session.

Allie and I drove down to Davis for her senior portraits and since we have similar outgoing personalities, I don’t think there was a single moment that one of us wasn’t talking. And I loved that she was up for anything. After driving around the sunflower field several times, we found the perfect spot and began shooting away, trying to avoid the hundreds of bees buzzing around us. In fact, I’m fairly certain that this first image was taken just after I told her that they were “more afraid of her than she was of them.” I just love how her personality shines through along with the cute little sunburst in the corner. This picture just makes me happy.

Allie–I have several more to edit–you are just gorgeous and see, I told you that you could rock the serious look. Fierce! I’m so glad to have you as a spokesmodel. I hope you had as much fun as I did at our shoot and that you love your images!

lists vs. bullet points | folsom portrait photographer

I hate lists. I know, I know. All you Type-A personalities want to throw something at the computer screen right now. I do understand the sense of accomplishment that one feels after crossing things off of their “to-do” list, but I don’t get super excited about it. Maybe it’s because I overdid the whole list thing a few months back when I bought this cute little, bright colored set from Target that had four different notepads all for various types of list making. Grocery list. To Do List. Reminder List. To Buy List. (Which, if you ask me, could have been combined into two lists–aren’t grocery lists and “to buy” lists essentially the same thing? And “to do” and reminder? Is there really any difference between them?)

Anyways, the lists were in full force at the Squires household and you know what I found? Lists stress me out. They just remind me of how behind I am and how it seems like I may never catch up. So I just don’t enjoy lists.

But I do like bullet points. I like bullets because they usually announce something exciting instead of reminding me of all the things I need to get done. So, in an effort to keep this blog post full of sit on the edge of your seat excitement…

  • My brand spankin’ new boutique photography studio will be completed the last week of July and will be open for portraits late August (insert Megan doing a happy dance here). Stay tuned for my big Grand Opening announcement! It’s going to be amazing and I would love for everyone to come out for it!
  • I have selected the winner(s) for the Deserving Dad Contest. I felt so humbled as I read (through blurry eyes filled with tears) all of the nominations and wanted to thank everyone for sharing a little bit of their lives with me. I have emailed the winners, so check your email if you participated in the contest.
  • If you’re a mom who has a camera keep an eye on the blog over the next month. I’ll be conducting a class this fall at my studio that will teach you how to take fabulous pictures of your kiddos. Email me if you’d like to get on the interest list ahead of time.
  • A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me in the KCRA A-List contest back in May. I came in a close second and couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you all for spreading the word and making me feel so loved.
  • And this doesn’t really need to be a bullet, but since I’m on a role, here are some images that never made it to the blog. A few months ago my extended family took a weekend trip to Napa and I was able to snap some images of my cousin and his beautiful girlfriend, Danielle.

happy 4th | sacramento family photographer

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July celebration.