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the portrait boutique | folsom photographer

Last night I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. That excited / anxious state that makes it nearly impossible to sleep. I just couldn’t wait for today. My big day. The day that everyone would finally see what I have been working on so hard since February. My photography studio.

At the beginning of this year I made a list of goals for my business and one of them was having my own place to photograph. A place where my clients could come, their children could have a great time, and beautiful pictures could be taken. A place with consistently beautiful natural light and a place to display my images.

I had a quite a checklist when looking for the perfect studio space. It had to have large, north facing windows. It had to have a separate viewing area from shooting area, and it had to have wood floors in the picture taking portion of the studio. It also needed to be in a great location so I could continue to do outdoor photography as well.

When we called about possibly leasing space in the Folsom Electric Building in Historic Downtown, I knew that it would be the perfect fit. Located right next to the American River, it provided a great natural setting, and the urban landscape of downtown Folsom was already a well known spot among photographers for it’s great little alleys and urban feel. Nature and urban–the best of both worlds.

When we took a look at the space, the entire third floor was wide open and I was able to pick out exactly the perfect portion to carve out my studio. Three gorgeous arched windows, balcony access, and, because we were starting from scratch, we were able to be a part of the building process from beginning to end.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this space and I’m so proud of all the work that everyone has done to make this dream of mine a reality. Today I had over 75 of my friends and dear clients stop by to celebrate with me and take a peek at the studio. So, for those who couldn’t make it, without further ado I’d like to introduce…The Portrait Boutique.

two is better than one | folsom infant photographer

So they say that good things come in pairs and I couldn’t agree more. These twins definitely helped prove that phrase true this weekend when they came into my studio for their three month session. They have to be some of the most good natured babies I have ever met! And talk about personality. Little {E} was cracking me up with some of his expressions and sweet {D} was such a doll all dressed up in her tutu. I just loved everything about their session and have lots more great ones from our time together, but here’s a sneak peek for now.

the shoemaker’s child | folsom children’s photographer

Time for the shoemaker’s child to get some shoes! All you photographers know what I’m talking about. We often get so busy photographing other people’s children that we neglect the fact that we haven’t had an updated picture of our own kids in months. Just like the old proverb, “The shoemaker’s children often go barefoot”–this photographer’s child needed some photographs!

So tonight Jacob, my soon to be kindergartner, and I set out with a goal in mind. To take his 5 year old / back to school pictures. I had this whole idea for a stylized shoot (which I love doing, by the way. Email me if you want to book your own themed session–I love to get my creative juices flowing!) including books and all things school related. Luckily, with the bribe of banana splits hanging over his head, Jacob was a great sport and provided some amazing images.

I just can’t tell you how special this kid is to me. Honestly, I just look at him and think how lucky I am to not only be his mommy, but his friend. He is an absolute crack up (I definitely see the term “class clown” being used in his future) and a bundle of energy. Each one of these images shows a side of him that I love so much and I have so many great memories from our session together tonight.

family time | folsom photographer

I had a great time last Sunday photographing this beautiful family. Each one of the kids was so much fun to be around and so great in front of the camera–their personalities really seemed to shine through in each image. I’m a bit late getting this sneak peek out, but I wanted to be sure they had some beautiful pictures up online before the weekend. 

And stay posted for more news of my studio opening coming soon! I’ve been a busy bee lately ordering canvases, prints, building furniture (okay–that’s been Brad’s job) and decorating. I can’t wait to open the doors to “The Portrait Boutique”!

a night at the fair | folsom senior portait photography

Another dream realized. A few weeks ago it was sunflowers and last week it was the California State Fair. I have wanted to do a photoshoot at the fair for a couple years now, but you definitely have to have the personality to rock a session in the middle of hundreds of bystanders. Luckily Katelyn, my senior spokesmodel for Oak Ridge High School was totally up for it.

I love the fair–it really has a little bit of everything. Gorgeous gardens. Yep, they’ve got that. Bright, bold colors. Oh yeah, in abundance. Crazy carnies? Of course. Adorable vendors who supply you with teeny, tiny guitars (are those ukuleles?) as props? Yeah, he was there. I felt like a kid in the candy store during this session. There was a brand new backdrop at every corner, so many pockets of gorgeous light. Oh yeah, and thousands of people. Literally…thousands.

But I’m loving the way these images turned out. You really would have no idea how crazy chaotic it was (Note to self: don’t schedule sessions on dollar ride night at the fair). Katelyn was gorgeous and up for anything and was so much fun to hang out with. And my mom even joined us as my assistant and schlepped my gear around all evening–thanks Mom! All in all it was a perfect night at the fair.