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Introducing the BFF session | high school senior portraits

Everything is better when shared with your best friend, so why should your senior portraits be any different? That’s why Megan Squires Photography is offering the “BFF Session” for a limited time. Why would it be a good idea to do a session with your best friend? Here are a few awesome reasons.

  • You have your biggest fan cheering you on. It’s just more comfortable to have your BFF around. Let’s face it, the first ten to fifteen minutes of any photography session can be awkward. It’s hard to totally relax and get in modeling mode, but with your best friend around to help calm your nerves, crack a joke, or remind you how beautiful you truly are, things just feel more natural.
  • You have your personal stylist at hand. Not sure what to wear? Having your BFF there to help advise in your wardrobe selection is a huge plus. She can give you that extra confidence you need to rock those red heels or wear that amazing dress.
  • She’ll actually save you money. Since you’re taking your senior portraits during the same two hour session, you’ll be saving big on your session fee. Instead of paying the $150 fee on your own, you’ll split it, so you’ll both be saving $75! (The BFF session has one session fee, but the digital packages will be ordered separately. Each girl or guy will have their own individual gallery of 20-25 images to select their pictures from).
  • It will be an experience you both will remember for years to come. Taking your senior portraits is a big deal. They represent who you are your final year in high school before you embark on one of the biggest journeys of your life. Sharing it with your best friend just makes it that more memorable.

The BFF session will only be offered for a limited time, so be sure to contact the studio to get your date on the calendar! And because a blog post just isn’t complete without a picture, here are a few recent ones from the amazing lighting workshop I attended this past weekend with Ali Hohn.

one year later | folsom family photographer

The list of reasons why I love being a photographer seems to grow each year. Snuggling brand new babies and then handing them back over to their mommy. Yep–love that. Being totally silly and goofy with a four year old and getting to act like a kid again–so much fun. Hanging out with awesome high school seniors and learning what it’s like to be a teen in today’s world–can’t get enough.

But my very favorite thing at this moment is photographing my previous clients one year later and seeing how their little munchkins have grown. That was the best part of last weekend’s session. Seeing how big {G} has gotten over the past year was the highlight. His sweet disposition and adorable personality really came through. Though he wasn’t so sure of me at first, I’m pretty positive I won him over by the end of our session, don’t you think?

{T} family–thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your beautiful family once again. And a special shout out goes to Grandpa who always seems to be coming to my rescue. You might remember last year when I had assured the {T} family that we didn’t need a parking permit (when it turned out we did) and Grandpa managed to talk his way out of a ticket from the park ranger. Well, this time he rescued my camera bag and gear (which I tend to walk away from during sessions) from a group of parents photographing their daughters in their homecoming attire at the same location. Many thanks to Grandpa for saving the day again!

it’s the most wonderful time of the year | folsom family photographer

So I know it might seem a bit early in the holiday season to be singing Christmas carols, but these are honestly the words that keep going through mind every time I get in the car to head to a photography session. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” for so many reasons, but mostly because I get to see so many of my favorite families for their annual fall photos. It’s like  reconnecting with old friends–it feels comfortable, it’s relaxed, it’s an all around good time.

That’s how last weekend was with the {E} family. I love that when I got there Mom mentioned that she already had my diet soda chilling in the refrigerator. Their property is absolutely gorgeous and I think if I lived there my camera would be permanently around my neck. The golden light, the beautiful landscaping, their adorable kiddos–all the makings of a great session.

{E} family–I have so many more great ones from our session together. I’ll have your finished gallery ready soon!

a little vintage, a little drama | folsom portrait photographer

It’s been a couple weeks coming, but I’m so excited to finally be posting this session. I just love that my studio in Folsom is only a few minutes walk to gorgeous nature trails. We started off outside (and let me tell you, for the last day of September, it was stinkin’ hot! I thought for a moment we might melt out there). After capturing some gorgeous images we headed inside the studio to cool off and get some images using lighting.

little man | folsom children’s photographer

I love this little man. Simple as that. And I think the feeling is mutual–just look at those huge smiles.