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blessed | folsom newborn photographer

I live a safe, comfortable life.

And I take it for granted. I take it for granted that I can get up in the morning and take my kids to a school that I chose for them. That I can sleep in my bed at night and trust that my family will be safe. That I can choose what church I want to go to and worship freely.

I take it all for granted because it’s all I have ever known. But I know I’m blessed. And I know that there are so many heros out there that make it possible for me to live this life without fear.

Over the past three years I have photographed so many beautiful babies, wonderful families, and adorable kiddos. But this session will always be one of my favorites. I know he wouldn’t tell you that he’s a hero, but I know for a fact that he is.

I won’t ever be able to come up with the words to thank you enough for everything you have sacrificed for our country, but it was truly an honor to photograph your precious baby.

She is one blessed little girl.

ask megan monday | week #10

This week’s question: What white balance setting do you typically set your camera to? Do you use a custom setting and if so what tool do you use to set it?

About a year ago I was asking another photographer this same question. Her skin tones always seemed to be so spot on without any color casts. I knew there had to be a secret and I figured it had to do with white balance. It was then that I was introduced to Kelvin. Kelvin quickly became my new best friend. He made my editing faster, my workflow more streamlined, he truly made my life easier.

Now before my hubby starts to worry that this Kelvin is going to sweep me off of my feet and ride into the sunset on his white horse with me, let me explain exactly who, err–I mean what, kelvin is. Kelvin is a way to measure the temperature of color which is used to set a custom white balance. Here is the super scientific method of explaining it. But basically sunlight is typically (although we know that there are so many external factors that can affect this) 5600K. I usually start around there and adjust based on that starting point. I know of a lot of photographers that use a grey card to get their white balance correct and the only reason I don’t is because I just have never taken the time to get one and try it out. I found that using the kelvin measurement of temperature works really well for the images I like to produce, so don’t fix something if it isn’t broken, right? Also, since I shoot everything in RAW, I am able to tweak my white balance a touch if it’s not spot on to my liking.

Here is a before and after example of an image I took at last week’s senior session. I had my white balance temperature set at 5900K and really liked the way it looked straight out of the camera so all I had to do was pull it up in photoshop and do my normal editing for the image. Fast, simple, and just my style. No guessing and keeping my fingers crossed that auto white balance would get it right. I was able to get it right in camera, which makes every photographers job so much easier.

those eyes | folsom children’s photographer

Oh how I’m a sucker for those baby blues. I don’t know how his mama could ever say no to him with eyes like those!

a day in monterey | our family vacation


santa cruz boardwalk | our family vacation

We just got back this evening from four wonderful days at the California coast. Before Brad and I even had children we would talk about how excited we were to go on family vacations together. And now Jacob and Abby are at those perfect ages where traveling is actually fun. No more screaming in the car (it seems like we had years of that), no more pack ‘n’ plays, no more diapers. We have kids. And what amazingly fun kids they are. Seriously, the more time I spend with them I realize just how awesome they really are.