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miss hannah | folsom children’s photographer

It feels good to have someone like her in my life. Someone who I can be my worst self around and know that I am still loved. Someone who I can be loud and silly and act like a teenager with (especially when we are the only 30-something’s in a sea of actual teenagers–Twilight Saga anyone?) Someone who loves my kiddos like her own. Someone who shares the love of Christ with everyone she meets. Yes, it sure feels good to have someone like her in my life.

Danielle is one of my girls. She has been for the past ten years and will be for the next seventy (or more). We have cried together, laughed together, and gone through pretty much every emotion under the sun together (we are women, after all). And Hannah, her daughter, is one of my dear Abby’s best friends. It is my prayer that they will someday share the type of friendship that Danielle and I have. It truly is a gift from God.

(And I had to include this first series of images–Hannah can seriously rock the camera! I love that she totally did her posing from every angle all on her own. So subtle yet so pro–she’s a natural!)

time for mom | folsom portrait photographer

I loved that even when her children ended up being unable to make their family mini session she still wanted to continue with it. “If something were ever to happen to me, if I got hit by a bus or something, I would want them to have pictures of me,” she joked.

I love this.

Our trip to Disneyland last February. Jacob’s birthday last year. My goodness even Christmas morning. You would never know I was there. My family looks like it consists of two adorable kiddos and some guy with a beard that occasionally pops into the background of the frame.

What I’m saying is that as moms (and even dads) we are never in front of the camera. And it’s for more reasons than the fact that we’re usually the ones taking the pictures. It’s because we want to lose “just five more pounds”, we want to wait until after our next hair appointment, we don’t have anything to wear. When it comes down to it, we just aren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

But you know what? I doubt that any child who has lost a parent ever says that they would only cherish images where their parent looked perfect. And our kids think we are perfect anyways. To me, my dad has always been one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. I loved his dimples, his brown eyes, his smile. And as his daughter, growing up he defined my idea of what a “knight in shining armor” was. And I would give anything for more images of my dad now that he is gone.

So when Jen told me that she wanted to do a shoot of just herself I was thrilled and so proud of her. It takes a lot of guts to get out in front of that camera and she totally rocked it! I have had the privilege of photographing all of Jen’s four children and love that it was finally her turn in the spotlight. She deserves it and her kids deserve these beautiful images of their gorgeous mama. 

class of 2011 | folsom senior portrait photographer

I love this time of year. An abundance of blooming wildflowers, beautiful evening light, and gorgeous high school seniors.

Jenn, I had a fantastic time with you at your photoshoot! You are about to embark on an amazing journey and I wish you all the success in the world–you deserve it, girl!



abby’s heirloom | folsom children’s photographer

I remember jumping on it with my red cape / bath towel wrapped around my neck when I was her age. We were never actually allowed to jump on Mom and Dad’s bed when we were kids, but come to think of it, they never really stopped us from doing so. I’m sure they would just peer in from the doorframe, not wanting to interrupt our afternoon of laughter as we soared to what felt like the ceiling.

I remember pulling it up over my head one day when I was in fourth grade. The stomach flu. I was miserable. But rubbing the soft, worn edges next to my cheek seemed to comfort me, seemed to soothe me. I would sleep on his side of the bed. That big valley that he had created in the mattress formed around me and I felt safe. I felt loved.

That last week there were so many visitors. He had something for everyone. “I can’t take it with me.” He knew that he had his treasures stored up in Heaven. So they came; some were coworkers, some were lifelong friends, some were family members. But my Dad had meticulously made a list in his head of his things that he wanted to give away. He always wanted others to enjoy the things that were his.

And he wanted her to have his quilt. He wanted his only granddaughter to cherish this heirloom that his grandmother had made him when he turned eighteen. She was only a year at the time, but he knew that it was something she would love. Something that she would remember him by. Something she would be able to wrap herself up in and feel the warmth of her Papa’s love.

In just a little over a week it will have been three years. Three years since I have touched his hand. Three years since I have heard his voice. Three years since I rested my head on his chest and just sat on the couch with him, not wanting to let go, knowing that it might be the last time he would ever hold me in his arms.

Three years and my baby has turned into a little girl. A beautiful little girl. And a little girl that is old enough to understand just what a wonderfully special gift her Papa gave her. These images mean so much to me and my precious little children know it. You can see it in their eyes and I could feel it in their love during our shoot tonight. When I’m grieving or missing him, they know how to comfort me with their hugs, kisses, and I-Love-You, Mommy-’s.

Just like being wrapped up in a cozy, handmade quilt.

class of 2012 | senior spokesmodel application

Class of 2012–it’s YOUR turn! I’m looking for current juniors to be my senior spokesmodels for the Class of 2012 to spread the word about Megan Squires Photography. What does that mean for you? It means free photoshoots, free images, and the chance to have your own “Stylized Senior” shoot complete with hair and make-up.

I’m looking for a few outgoing students from local high schools who love to be in front of the camera. All applications must be received by May 15th and selections will be made the following week. To apply, click here to complete the application.