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a weekend getaway | folsom portrait photographer

A weekend getaway.

The sand and saltwater between their toes.

The golden sunset streaming through her golden strands.

His giddy squeals as the ocean races up to meet him on the shore.

My own little bit of heaven.

i have a new job description

I know I’m not the only one.

Open up the folder and see for yourself. The proof is in there and I just bet that it’s lurking in your folders, too.

See it? Right there? Can you see 1.jpg?

But wait…what’s that? 1a.jpg? Yours might be named something slightly different, but I bet you it’s there.
Followed by 1b.jpg, 1c.jpg, and possibly even 1d.jpg and 1e.jpg.

One original edit followed by five slightly “better” edits of the same image.
But upon reopening them, it’s practically impossible to see any difference between them.

Is it possible that these five separate edits that I literally stayed up until 1:30am working on are all (practically) the same?

Well, yes. Yes they are.

I know that we have all been there. That we scrutinize and agonize over skin tones and white balance. That we smooth and sharpen and edit until we don’t even notice the gorgeous brand new baby / child / couple that is the subject of the photograph anymore. That all we can see are all the “imperfections” that we think are there. That we will post an image on facebook and as soon as it’s uploaded delete it quickly to re-edit and post again, hoping that it looks just slightly closer to “perfect” the second time around.

It’s a rut and too often we get stuck in it. Never feeling like we’ve gotten it–never looking at our own images and saying “Wow–I really nailed that!” but instead thinking, “Ugh…so-and-so’s sunflare / composition / exposure is so much better than mine. If only I were as good / talented / amazing as she is.”

We do it to ourselves and we unintentionally do it to our fellow photographers. I know how guilty I am of it. Not of blatantly putting others down, but not lifting them up and that’s where we fail. We fail in so many ways because this business is a “competition”. We isolate ourselves, we choose not to get to know other photographers in our area because after all, we’re “competing” for the same clients.

But we’re missing out. Missing out on amazing friendships, missing out on learning from one another, and who knows, maybe even missing out on a few referrals that could come our way. But most of all, we’re missing out on the encouragement that comes from shared experiences. There are some things that only a photographer understands. The passion. The frustration. The endless need to have a perfect edit before heading off to bed (at an obscene hour of the night / morning).

It’s time to change our job description. It needs to read: “My job is to take gorgeous images, to provide amazing customer service, and to uplift my fellow photographers.” And honestly, encouraging one another should be the easiest part of our job. Make it a goal to “like” at least 5 other photographer’s images on their facebook page each day. It may seem small to you, but I promise you it means something to the one who spent time perfecting that image to share with everyone. Leave one comment each day on someone’s blog. Be specific and tell them exactly what you love about their post. And send an email once a week to another photographer letting them know you admire them. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this can make to someone’s day. It seems that every time I’ve gotten an uplifting email it arrived at the exact time I was questioning my talent, abilities and drive. You never know what others are going through and how just one kind word can turn things around for them.


So let’s do it. Let’s lift one another up. Let’s encourage each other in our craft and help one another to stop second guessing our talent. And you know what? I bet as we do so, those five or more edits in your folder will turn into maybe just three or two. And maybe at some point we will finally be happy with just one edit. All because we have some amazing cheerleaders who let us know how awesome we really are.


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party of four | folsom newborn photographer

Mother’s Day.

While everyone was busy making reservations to take their moms out for brunch, these little guys had a different plan in mind. To arrive just a little bit early and make their grand entrance on their mamma’s special day.

And in just one day this beautiful family went from a party of two to a perfect party of four.

fulfilling dreams | folsom photographer

I’m not great at setting goals for myself. When I think of a goal I think of things that I try to accomplish, like putting the clothes away before I’ve already worn them all again out of the laundry basket. Like getting all three beds in the house made before 3:00 pm. Like actually checking everything off of a to do list before adding more. Some people might call these tasks. For personality types like mine, we know they are goals (lofty ones at that) because the chances of ever getting them done are slim to none.

So since your tasks might be considered my goals, your goals are what I call dreams. And I have had and realized a few dreams so far in my life. A huge one was opening an actual studio last August. And still, every time I unlock the door to my studio and am greeted by the gorgeous light streaming in the windows, I realize how blessed I am to be doing what I do and have a physical space to call my own.

This past month I realized another dream of mine–to officially launch my mentoring sessions available for the baby photographer. After many inquiries and conducting several mentorships I decided to officially take the plunge and announce my one on one mentoring sessions on facebook. And the response has been so encouraging–I can’t wait to meet the ladies that have signed up for their Mentor Me, Baby!™ sessions later this summer. I’ve also been so encouraged by the vendors who want to be sponsors and provide products for my goodie bags–seriously they are going to be awesome and full of items perfect for the baby photographer, including my Tea Party Action Set and newborn pocket posing guide (if you have a product and are interested in learning about becoming a sponsor, just click here for the details).

I figure that since I am so terrible at completing the daily tasks in life that I might as well make up for it by dreaming big. That’s the only way to do it, right? And if you’re interested in learning more about my one on one mentorship opportunities, check out my Mentor Me, Baby!™ page!


four days | sacramento newborn photographer

Sometimes it seems unreal that I am doing what I do. That I get to hold a brand new baby boy, just four days old. That I get to make new friends each time I have a photoshoot. That I get to spend a whole afternoon snuggling, shushing, and posing a precious new little life.

It seems so unreal, yet I know it’s exactly what I was meant to do.