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a new chapter | folsom baby photographer

It feels like the beginning of a new chapter in so many areas of my life lately. Turning 30 last month really impacted me. I didn’t think it would. I wasn’t your typical 29 year old that was afraid to turn 30, afraid of getting “older”, afraid to leave the 20′s behind. I was really looking forward to it. I was looking forward to feeling a little more mature, perhaps a little more credible, and maybe even a little wiser.

I’m excited to be 30. But I’m a little sad about what getting older means. The older I get, the older my kids get. I wish I could keep them in a perpetual state of babyhood. Jacob is a big first grader in a first / second grade combo class no less. And Abby will be starting her transition to kindergarten class next week and will be away from me four days a week. They are getting older and it seems like the days go by faster and faster. I blink and they are doing homework instead of playing with tinker toys. I turn away for a second and they are using words like, “awesome” and “lame” instead of learning to say things like “mama” and “doggie”. Each day I grow older they grow even more so and I don’t want to miss a moment of it.

Along with all of this growing, my business has been growing, too, and I feel so blessed by it. I love my mentor me, baby!™ sessions and have enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with so many new photographers. And as always I find so much joy in photographing brand newborns, babies, and school age children. These ages have always been my passion. That’s why starting September I will be focusing on these ages and will take on less family sessions, high school seniors (I have several local photographer friends that seriously rock the senior sessions, so if you need a referral, please contact me), and couples. With Jacob in school full time now and Abby gone four days a week, my schedule is very conducive to newborn and young child photography. I will be booking the majority of my sessions for Monday-Thursday during the day and occasionally on Friday with only a few weekends available. I will still photograph family sessions that include young children and will offer family sessions again this year for the holidays. I am so excited about this new schedule and these new changes because it means that while I get to photograph the growth of your little one, I also get to be there for the growth of my own two kiddos.

Sounds like a win-win to me, wouldn’t you agree?

Beautiful Izzy from a Mentor Me, Baby!™ earlier this month

This doesn’t help | folsom newborn photographer

Maybe it’s the fact that I turned 30 last month. Or the fact that my sweet little Jacob is starting first grade next week. Or the fact Abby keeps asking for a baby brother or sister.

But one thing I know for sure–sleepy, snugly, and adorable little babies like this don’t help.

The baby fever has officially set in and I’m not sure it’s going away.

this past month | mentor me, baby!™

I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in love with my children than I already am. But after our family vacation to the pacific northwest last month I truly fell even more in love with them and the little people they have become. There is something about being in a different city where the only people you know are the ones that you are related to. Something about spending each day with just each other that makes you feel so much closer as a family. Don’t get me wrong, we had our share of tears, of grumbling, of blisters from long walks, but overall it was just perfect. My kids are at the age where they actually like to sightsee. They thought the Space Needle was the coolest thing ever, they loved the Michael Jackson laser light show, had a blast at the Pacific Science Center, and behaved so maturely during our amazing dinner on the ocean. And they even humored me and my mom in our search to locate the Deadliest Catch boats (we were actually successful in finding the Wizard docked in Ballard!). Taking two weeks off to grow closer as a family was the best thing for my spirit, my business, and for me as a mom.

Since returning home, I’ve been working to get galleries out, facebook sneak peeks posted, and CD’s mailed. As a result, updates on the blog have been few and far between. But I just couldn’t let these adorable models from last month’s Mentor Me, Baby!™ session go without their blog debut. I have absolutely loved doing these mentoring sessions. If there is one thing I love more than photography itself it is meeting new people. And how fun is it to meet others who share the same passion as you? Be checking back for an interview with Carolina, my fantastic mentee from last month. She’s incredibly sweet, beautiful, and talented, and I can’t wait to share her take on our time together with you. In the meantime, here are a few of the little sweeties we photographed during our two day mentorship focusing on babies brand new through one year. (If you are interested in a mentorship, please check out  I currently only have two more mentorships available for the year–one in October and one in December).