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who doesn’t love a freebie? | clickinmoms breakout session

I’ve been involved in a fantastic online community of photographers since I first began my journey back in 2008. I cannot talk enough about the wealth of information I have gained over the years through Clickin Moms. Any time I had a question, I could easily ask it without feeling foolish or silly. The huge variety of skill level always made me feel so comfortable and I knew that any question I had someone else had either been thinking or had already asked. Many times I would pop on and do a search about a specific topic and would immediately find the answer.

So I was beyond excited to participate in the latest breakout session, “Pricing Strategies That Work”. Developing a pricing structure is one of the many struggles new photographers face and I found myself in that place when I first started. There were so many options as far as creating packages, choosing session fees, offering prints versus digitals–my head was sure spinning the first time I sat down to create my own pricing guide.

That’s why it was so great to be a part of this session, along with the amazing Amii Wroblewski, Alicia Gould, Krista Campbell, and Kristina Young, to discuss our individual pricing strategies and why they work for us. This session is offered to both members and nonmembers of Clickin Moms, but it will only be available for two weeks, so be sure to sign up soon to learn from each of these fantastic ladies.

And…drumroll…anyone want to win a free spot in this breakout session? All you have to do is go “like” my facebook page and then come back here and leave a comment. The winner will be randomly selected this Sunday evening. And if you’ve already purchased your spot and win, your money will be refunded, so go register now because seats are limited!

a reminder from the biebs | folsom newborn photographer

We’ve already been over the fact that I love lists. It’s the “trying to fake being a type-A personality” in me coming out. But even my to-do lists are disorganized. I often misplace them. I often have several going at a time. And you know what’s on them right now? To do: blog the past 10 sessions.

Yes, that 10 brand new babies, beautiful families, and adorable children that are still waiting to grace the blog. Luckily all of these clients have already seen their galleries and in many cases received their orders, too, but I still just have to share these adorable little ones.

So tonight I prepped this sweet little guy’s images for the blog while listening to Justin Bieber (insert record rewind sound here along with gasps of disbelief). Yes, I said it. While editing to Justin Bieber…willingly. As in I have my own Justin Bieber Pandora station. And my kids are both asleep and I’m the only one up listening to it, so they can’t be used as my excuse. I’m serious–I actually really like the Biebs. I love that I can sing along to all his songs since I apparently have the singing voice of a young boy (but not even as good–it’s sad, I know). And I love how listening to his music reminds me of my Jacob singing along and doing his version of hip-hop dancing.

And I love how just as I was getting these images ready for the blog his “Born to Be Somebody” song came on. Quite fitting, don’t you think? I seriously always think about that when I’m driving to my studio for newborn sessions. I think about these beautiful brand new lives that I get to meet and how they each are going to grow up into amazing people. How each one of them is different–their personalities, their talents, their dreams. But they are all born to be somebody. Someone unique because they all are uniquely created for their very own purpose.

And so it might seem cheesy that I listen to a teenage pop star while I edit, but I’m so thankful for the reminder tonight. These precious babes are all born to be somebody. And I can only imagine what great things they will all do.



reconnecting | folsom newborn photographer

“Megan O’Connell? Is that you?”

I didn’t even have to look up from the table to know it was her. Her voice instantly took me back to sixth grade and all of our phone chats about school, boys, and life. I knew it was Sara and when I saw her beautiful pregnant belly I burst with joy. How incredible is it to be able to photograph a childhood friend’s brand new child? I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it lately, but I’m pretty blessed to be doing what I do. And Sara’s sweet little baby is pretty blessed to have such and incredible mommy if I do say so myself.