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fleeting | folsom newborn photographer

It was like on a television show when someone at the table literally drops their fork on their plate and looks up,

completely stunned at what’s just been said.

And at that moment I realized that he was more than just an extension of me.

He was more than just my six year old son.

He was his own individual person.

He was Jacob.

And I was his completely and utterly embarrassing mom.

When Jacob had told me a few weeks back about a little girl in his class (a second grader, at that) and how she was shorter than he was, had long hair, and that he “tried to talk to her, but she never noticed” him, it didn’t dawn on me that he was confiding in me. I thought he was just telling me about a little crush. So when I announced over dinner a couple of week’s later that I had talked to her mom on the field trip and she said how cute he was and that it was adorable that he liked her daughter, his reaction stunned me. His look of complete betrayal shocked me. And his statement, “I should have never told you that” absolutely broke my heart.

And at that moment I became the uncool, clueless, and embarrassing parent.

I’m sure I have many more years to wear this title. I know all the new parents who come through my studio hear it so much already, but I always make a point to tell them not to wish any stage away. The sleep deprivation. The endless feedings. The mounds of laundry. While it seems like an eternity while you’re in it, I promise it is so incredibly fleeting.

And apparently the window of “coolness” as a parent is also much more fleeting that I originally thought. Enjoy it while it lasts.