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safety first! | folsom newborn photographer

I just posted this to my facebook page, but since baby safety is so incredibly important to me, I wanted to share here, too. If you are a new photographer just getting into newborn photography, please know that many final images you see are actually composites. Here’s an example of how I typically do my bucket and basket shots.

’twas the night before Christmas | folsom photographer

As I sit down and look back at this past year I feel so incredibly blessed. The tiny little ones that I got to meet, all of the beautiful families and amazing people I now call friends–I pinch myself everyday knowing that I get to do something I love for a living. Last year I wrote a little poem that described what photography means to me and I thought I’d share it again this year for those who might not have seen it.


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
A Photographer’s Story 

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a computer was plugged in, not even the mouse.
The orders were packaged and ready for mail, everything was processed–including that last final sale.
All sneak-peeks were posted and galleries shown, all prints and CD’s were on their way home.

A glass of wine in my hand and slippers on my feet, I had just settled down for an evening treat.
A night without levels and curves and raw files, no sessions to edit, no cloning in smiles.
My work was all done, all sessions completed. And now in front of the TV I was seated.

What show should I watch? What shall I do? It took me a moment and just then I knew.
Up from the couch I flew like a flash, and into the office I ran with a dash.
Onto the chair I landed with a flop, opened up that folder on my computer’s desktop.

Just one more image, just one more edit. I had to do it, I wouldn’t regret it.
“What are you doing? I thought you were done?” called my husband, wondering why I had run.
“I’ll be there in a minute, I have one thing to do,” as I opened up Photoshop I guessed that he knew.

A photographer’s work is never completed as was made evident by where I was seated.
The desire to design and drive to create is something that is every photographer’s trait.
So even though my “work” may be done, I’ll continue to snap and to edit for fun.

So here’s one more image for 2011, though I’m sure there will be more between now and then.
Because I love what I do and I’m blessed beyond measure, here’s my newest niece, such a sweet little treasure.
Merry Christmas from the Squires, it’s been a great year. Thank you to everyone who helped get me here.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas as we celebrate our Savior’s birth!

specialize | folsom senior portrait photographer

I am a huge fan of specializing in your work. With photography, I don’t think it’s always a good idea to be the jack of all trades. When I started I thought I had to do everything from newborns to families of 35 and possibly even weddings. I soon realized that what I was most passionate about just so happened to be the type of work that I was also the most skilled in. I fell in love with newborn, baby and child photography, and while I enjoyed high school senior sessions, I wasn’t sure if they fit with my desire to specialize.

I stopped pursuing the senior market and began to focus on my littler subjects. But when the school year started up again and I started receiving more senior portrait inquiries, I took them, knowing that I always enjoyed being able to play with light and photograph a subject that actually listened and took direction without having to bribe them with candy.

At Danielle’s session earlier this fall it all clicked for me. What I love is portrait work. Wikipedia’s definition sums up my vision for my photography and my business perfectly. A portrait “is an artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. For this reason, in photography a portrait is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image of a person in a still position. A portrait often shows a person looking directly at the painter or photographer, in order to most successfully engage the subject with the viewer.”

This is what I love to photograph. While some photographers adore elaborate scenes or love capturing the interaction between family members, what I really get excited about is an engaging portrait–one where  you can experience real eye contact and real emotion. So whether it be a newborn image where you can almost feel that newborn baby skin or a senior session where you are taken back to that excitement of being a teenager on the brink of adulthood, portrait work is where my heart is and I hope it shows.

in the midst of the busyness | folsom newborn photographer

I try really hard not to complain about being busy. In a time when people are struggling to find work and provide for their families, I feel so absolutely blessed to have a *busy* season. So when I’m knee deep in editing, uploading galleries, and sending off packages, I remind myself that others might not be so lucky and would love to have the chance to be busy with work. And the fact that I am busy doing something I absolutely love is such a blessing. Seriously–I still pinch myself everyday when I think about what I get to do as a profession.

And while at times I might feel like I’m underwater and will never get all the things on my to-do list accomplished, I think about all the new moms that come through my studio with their newborns. No one is busier than a brand new mama. I remember feeling like it was a good day if I was showered before 4:00pm. And teeth brushing was an added bonus! And the mommy of these beautiful boys is much busier than I am, no doubt. With a two year old daughter and two sweet little guys who were born under 30 weeks, I’m sure her life is much busier than mine has ever been. But it’s the best kind of busy out there. And I feel so honored that in the busyness of life she took time out to bring her little ones to my studio. To press the pause button in the midst of the busyness and freeze time in the form of a photograph.