Monthly Archives: January 2012

playing favorites | folsom children’s photographer

To say that Trey is one of my favorite little guys is an understatement.
He’s just awesome.
Simple as that.

baby model | folsom newborn photographer

How many new moms can say that they took a mentoring session and brought their own 9-day old baby to model for it? I’m always so impressed when clients are able to come to my studio during those first few days of their little one’s life, let alone drive all the way from Berkley and shoot right alongside me all day long! Elicia is a rockstar and we had a wonderful time photographing her little bundle of joy. 

handsome | folsom newborn photographer

I think I let out a squeal when this adorable little guy came into the studio back in the beginning of December. That hair! And take a look at those lashes. This sweetie was just as cooperative as he was adorable and proved to be the perfect model for the newborn portion of my Mentor Me, Baby! mentoring session.

beautiful | folsom family photographer

Beautiful family. Beautiful evening. Beautiful light.

2012 is off to a beautiful start, wouldn’t you agree?

born in 2011 | folsom newborn photographer

What a fantastic year to be born. In all I photographed 40 precious, new little lives. Feeling so blessed to have been a part of their first few days. I can’t believe some of them are just about to turn one already!