Monthly Archives: February 2012

the way I view… | folsom photographer

I am so excited to be a part of a group of 12 fantastic photographers from Clickinmoms taking on the challenge this year to document the way we view things. For each month we will have a different theme that we will photograph throughout the month and post at the beginning of the next.

January’s theme…”the way I view new beginnings.”

As a newborn photographer, I feel so blessed to be able to experience new beginnings on a daily basis. Each time a family walks into my studio with their little one in their arms, I see the beginning of so many things for them. New life, new love, new hopes and dreams. It really is the beginning of so many new experiences, joys, frustrations, and challenges, but it all starts with this new little life.

Our family’s newest beginning is my sweet little niece, Hannah. Something about a brand new baby makes everything seem right in the world–a perfect new beginning.

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