Monthly Archives: April 2012

rain or shine | folsom photographer

I’ve wanted to do a shoot in the rain for quite a while, but one thing always stopped me from actually doing it.

The rain.

Because as much as I loved the idea of a rain soaked session, my slippers, coffee mug, and blanket kept convincing me to stay inside.

Then a few months ago I began writing a workshop for ClickinMoms¬†that really pushed me to step out of my creative comfort zone and embrace the elements. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed stretching myself. Photographing in conditions that you’re not used to–whether it be in a torrential downpour or in the full midday sun–is such a great way to keep yourself on top of your photography game, so to speak.

It’s easy for me to photograph babies is my toasty studio. And I love every minute of it. Do I love every minute of standing in the cold, the wind and rain on my face and in my camera? No, not as much. But though the processes might be different in comfort, the end result is the same. I simply adore these images. And when I look at them, I still get the warm, fuzzy feeling that I have from all the other sessions I do–even if the actual shoot wasn’t quite as warm as I’m accustomed to.

senior season | folsom senior portrait photographer

It seems as though I was just tying up bows and wrapping packages to set under the recently decorated tree and now the blossoms are hanging on the trees outside and I’m pulling my spring clothes out of the back of the closet. I know it must mean I’m getting older, this blending of months and seasons and years into one big rush of time, and I know I’m not alone in saying “where has this year gone?” It’s April already and that means graduation is just around the corner. I only have a few spots left for graduating seniors, so if you haven’t had your portraits taken yet, please contact me soon. Here are just a few favorites from Lindsay’s session last winter.¬†