Monthly Archives: July 2012

sweet as can be | folsom newborn photographer

I remember thinking once that one of my favorite photographers had gone out of business and closed up shop by the looks of her blog. Her daily posting turned into weekly, which gradually morphed into monthly. Wanting to check up on her, I decided to look her up on Facebook, only to find that she was posting practically every day on there. She definitely ┬áhadn’t stopped photographing, in fact, the exact opposite was the case. She was too busy with clients, galleries, and exciting business ventures to keep up to date with her neglected blog.

Years later, I never thought I’d be in her shoes, but here I am. I have had so many incredible brand new babies and adorable kiddos come through my studio, but unfortunately, hardly any have had the chance to grace the blog. So while these little beautiful babies are now several months old, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share them over here. They were sweet as can be, an absolute dream to photograph.