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kindle FREEBIE!

Just wanted to share over here that until midnight tonight, the Kindle version of Traced is available on amazon for FREE! Be sure to snag your copy and spread the word! (Feel free to pin the image below, too!)

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my next thirty years


A little over a year ago I turned 30.

It wasn’t scary–I wasn’t dreading the day, wishing to hold onto my twenties for just a bit longer. I was at peace with growing older. I liked the credibility and stability that came with it. I liked the stage of life I was in. I felt comfortable, established, and great about turning the big 3-0. And what I loved most about it was that I knew who I was. No more trying to create myself, trying to figure out what I stood for. No, Megan Squires felt pretty darn complete.

But you know what I realized? Life is fluid. And for as much as I thought I had discovered all there was to know about myself, I was drastically wrong. I had no idea that there were dreams tucked away in my heart and my brain that were waiting to burst out. One of those dreams that completely took me by surprise was the desire to write a book. Yes, I’d always enjoyed writing, but sitting down and penning an entire novel never crossed my mind. Until one night when a friend of mine said she needed a book to read. I don’t know if I took that as a challenge, but what transpired from that point on still gives me chills. I was up literally all night, constructing an outline, creating characters, and falling in love with the newly-formed story taking shape in my head.

Fast forward about nine months and here I sit with my very own book in my hands. With my name on the cover. With my words on the pages. It’s a dream realized that I didn’t even know was there. I’d felt content and comfortable in this little life of mine. But you know what I’ve discovered? That’s boring. Sure, it’s safe, but what’s the fun in that? Writing a book is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and I’ve loved every aspect of it. Having this story out there for anyone to read and critique feels incredibly exposing, but that’s part of what makes it worth it. I didn’t write it so it could sit in a file on my computer, or even in the form of a paperback on my shelf. I wrote it so others could possibly be entertained, escape reality for a bit, and join this world of mine.

I took a chance with a camera and a dream a little over four years ago and I’m beyond blessed that I did. So I’m taking another chance, this time with a pen and paper. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


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