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time for mom | folsom portrait photographer

I loved that even when her children ended up being unable to make their family mini session she still wanted to continue with it. “If something were ever to happen to me, if I got hit by a bus or something, I would want them to have pictures of me,” she joked.

I love this.

Our trip to Disneyland last February. Jacob’s birthday last year. My goodness even Christmas morning. You would never know I was there. My family looks like it consists of two adorable kiddos and some guy with a beard that occasionally pops into the background of the frame.

What I’m saying is that as moms (and even dads) we are never in front of the camera. And it’s for more reasons than the fact that we’re usually the ones taking the pictures. It’s because we want to lose “just five more pounds”, we want to wait until after our next hair appointment, we don’t have anything to wear. When it comes down to it, we just aren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

But you know what? I doubt that any child who has lost a parent ever says that they would only cherish images where their parent looked perfect. And our kids think we are perfect anyways. To me, my dad has always been one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. I loved his dimples, his brown eyes, his smile. And as his daughter, growing up he defined my idea of what a “knight in shining armor” was. And I would give anything for more images of my dad now that he is gone.

So when Jen told me that she wanted to do a shoot of just herself I was thrilled and so proud of her. It takes a lot of guts to get out in front of that camera and she totally rocked it! I have had the privilege of photographing all of Jen’s four children and love that it was finally her turn in the spotlight. She deserves it and her kids deserve these beautiful images of their gorgeous mama. 

inspired | folsom portrait photographer

When I was a little girl I loved to play dress up. To put on a sparkly dress was to become part of another world of imagination where anything was possible. There is just something so freeing about dressing as someone else, assuming another identity, and becoming that person for a short while.

I often feel like this as I look through magazines and catalogs. I get lost in the images, in the clothing, in the models and the characters they have become. Every time I open up an Anthropologie catalog I feel this way. For a while now I have wanted to do a session inspired by these thoughts and images I have in my mind. So when I talked with my good friend, Bri, of Brianna Anderson Photography based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, and she was equally as excited about a session of this type, I knew we had to try it.

This past weekend we met up in San Diego and we had the best afternoon as we got dolled up, found the absolute perfect location to shoot, and avoided the threatening rain clouds overhead. It is so rewarding as a photographer when something you have already created in your head becomes reality in the form of an actual photograph. I just love these next images of Bri. She is just so stunning.
I don’t even know how many images we actually took and which pictures ended up on which camera. When all was said and done we just burned a couple of cd’s so we could edit our favorites from the session. Here are a few of my edits of the images that Bri took of me.
I’m currently working on another concept shoot with a client of mine and can’t wait to do more sessions that really push me as an artist.

anticipation | folsom maternity photographer

I always feel blessed to be a Californian when I read about fellow photographers in the midwest that are forced to shoot indoors during the freezing, snowy months. But let me tell you, Sacramento has sure had it’s share of gloomy days lately! Despite the overcast sky and the threat of rain, today’s session with {S} rocked! No need for sun, {S} is truly glowing all on her own. {S} and I have been friends since high school and I just love our coffee dates. But today it was so fun to do something different and get out and take pictures of her adorable growing belly. Can you believe that this mama already has an almost two year old boy at home? Doesn’t she look incredible?Blog2Blog4Blog1Blog3Blog5{S}, I had a great time (as always) with you this afternoon. Though we weren’t able to get images with little {T}–I hope he feels better soon–I think we captured some awesome ones of your and your soon-to-be little one. I hope you love your sneak peek! I’ll have your gallery ready for you soon!

rainy day | roseville children’s photographer

This past session has to be one of my new favorites. Mom and I were watching the weather all day and even though it was starting to sprinkle, I figured we would be okay. I’m so glad we kept the appointment because little {J} truly rocked this session. Full of smiles from the minute he stepped out of the car, he made my job so easy. And this boy definitely loves his mama. I was actually a little jealous at all of the snuggly images we got. I so wish I had some of Jacob and I like this but my little man has never been one to sit still long enough to cuddle.
blog-2blog-4blog-3blog-5blog-6Mom–thank you so much for meeting up with me this week (even in the cold, wet, rain!) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! I’ll have your gallery up and ready for you very soon!

any good ones? | sacramento family photographer

I normally don’t get nervous for photo sessions. I really enjoy meeting new people, I love kids, and I love the challenge that comes along with photographing a dynamic family. It’s an exciting adventure to me and I rarely get nervous. Except for yesterday. And it wasn’t that I was nervous about meeting a new family. Or nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get the kids to smile. I wasn’t nervous about any of that. I was nervous because I was photographing one of my close friends and her family. I was nervous because she’s a fellow photographer and because she, too, deserves beautiful images of her family and I hoped that I would be able to provide her with those.

As photographers we constantly have visions floating around in our heads. We see something and think, “That would make an amazing photograph.” Or we’ll be in a store and see a clothing item and before we know it we dressed an entire family in coordinating colors for their photo session all in our heads. We are creative by nature and that creativity comes out in our images.

So when you are a photographer and have your own family photographed, you already have those images in your mind. You envision how you all will pose, what you will wear, and how the finished product will look. Or at least that’s what I do. So I was nervous. Nervous that I wouldn’t be able to recreate those pictures or be able to give the Runner family the beautiful family portrait that they deserved.

But guess what. I didn’t need to be nervous because every time I would show Sandy an image she would look at it and say, “That’s great!” Or after we would finish shooting one pose she would come over to the camera and say, “Any good ones?” (as if her family could take a bad picture) and then browse through them and say, “Looks good!” I’ve known Sandy for a long time now and have been in a bible study with her for nearly six years and if there is one quality that stands out when I think of her, it’s being an encourager. So my nervousness quickly faded and I was able to just have fun photographing this beautiful family. So Sandy, what do you think of the end result? I definitely think we got some good ones!

blog-5Love, love, LOVE this next one of James. When Sandy dressed him in his black, velvet blazer I nearly fell over. It honestly doesn’t get any cuter than I just adore this one of Haylie.
blog-41Sandy, I’m glad we were able to get some of just you and the little ones, too. I love how they are both clinging on to your leg. So precious!
blog-8As you know I have lots more for you! I hope you love them!