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rain or shine | folsom photographer

I’ve wanted to do a shoot in the rain for quite a while, but one thing always stopped me from actually doing it.

The rain.

Because as much as I loved the idea of a rain soaked session, my slippers, coffee mug, and blanket kept convincing me to stay inside.

Then a few months ago I began writing a workshop for ClickinMoms that really pushed me to step out of my creative comfort zone and embrace the elements. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed stretching myself. Photographing in conditions that you’re not used to–whether it be in a torrential downpour or in the full midday sun–is such a great way to keep yourself on top of your photography game, so to speak.

It’s easy for me to photograph babies is my toasty studio. And I love every minute of it. Do I love every minute of standing in the cold, the wind and rain on my face and in my camera? No, not as much. But though the processes might be different in comfort, the end result is the same. I simply adore these images. And when I look at them, I still get the warm, fuzzy feeling that I have from all the other sessions I do–even if the actual shoot wasn’t quite as warm as I’m accustomed to.

one more | sacramento couples photographer

This image was saved in the wrong folder and didn’t make its way into Monday’s post.

Just too beautiful to leave out.

happy love day | folsom photographer

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s are some adorable lovebirds to get you in the lovey-dovey mood.

shooting for fun | folsom photographer

Creativity. I’ll admit, sometimes it can be hard to come by. It’s easy to just get in the routine of taking pictures instead of creating artwork. Like writer’s block, photographers often experience the same thing–that lack of creative juices. Sometimes, they’re just not flowing.

So what’s the cure? Get a super cute couple, three other amazing photographer friends, and a camera. I promise you–you’ll feel creative. And if not creative, definitely inspired, energized, and maybe a little giddy (okay–client’s of mine know this is a definite for me. The only way I can explain my squealing, “Eeeeekkk!” when looking at an amazing image I just took is sheer giddiness).

So here’s the backstory. A few months ago I fell in love. It was pink. It was ruffly. It was layers and layers of 1950′s tulle goodness. And it had to be mine. So I clicked the little “buy” button on etsy and within just a few days it was. But one thing was oh so wrong about this gorgeous vintage dress. Everything was a perfect fit but the rib cage. After realizing that it probably wasn’t the best idea to wear a corset for the next few years just to get into it, I put out a call for all narrow ribbed gals.

And lo and behold, Vanessa answered. Well, actually her sister, Rebekah, one of my best friends, answered for her. I knew that Vanessa would be great for this dress and when she picked it up, I reassured her (and maybe myself a little) not to feel bad if it didn’t fit–it was a very tiny dress. So when she texted saying that it fit perfectly I was thrilled (and a tad bit jealous).

And when Jessica Feely,  Katie Elmer and Keri Dalebout, decided to plan a shoot just for fun, I knew that Vanessa and her hubby Jonmichael would be great models for us. We split up in pairs to photograph Vanessa and Jonmichael and Courtney, our other model (her pictures to appear on the blog soon!). I don’t have tons of practice photographing couples so it was fun to have Keri take the lead and learn from her experience in photographing people in love. I couldn’t be happier with these images–taken with my brand spankin’ new 70-200mm. Love that lens / new workout equipment. That beast is heavy but oh so worth it.