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beautiful | folsom family photographer

Beautiful family. Beautiful evening. Beautiful light.

2012 is off to a beautiful start, wouldn’t you agree?

party of four | folsom newborn photographer

Mother’s Day.

While everyone was busy making reservations to take their moms out for brunch, these little guys had a different plan in mind. To arrive just a little bit early and make their grand entrance on their mamma’s special day.

And in just one day this beautiful family went from a party of two to a perfect party of four.

beautiful | sacramento newborn photographer

I have to say, parenthood looks gorgeous on this family, doesn’t it? And these new parents are just as wonderful to be around as they are beautiful. I just love when both mom and dad come to newborn sessions. I feel so blessed that I get to be a part of their early days as parents and have the privilege of watching their interactions as a new family. And there is nothing quite like hearing their reactions every time I click the shutter and show them a sneak peek of an image I just took. It is so fun to watch parents adoringly dote on their precious new baby.

And baby Ella–you are so blessed to be born into such a loving family. I know many people have been praying for you and will continue to do so throughout your life. You truly are an answered prayer.

May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.
-Numbers 6:24-26

’twas the 9th of december | folsom photographer

‘Twas the 9th of December and all through the house, not a computer was plugged in, not even the mouse.
The orders were packaged and ready for mail, everything was processed–including that last final sale.
All sneak-peeks were posted and galleries shown, all prints and CD’s were on their way home.

A glass of wine in my hand and slippers on my feet, I had just settled down for an evening treat.
A night without levels and curves and raw files, no sessions to edit, no cloning in smiles.
My work was all done, all sessions completed. And now in front of the TV I was seated.

What show should I watch? What shall I do? It took me a moment and just then I knew.
Up from the couch I flew like a flash, and into the office I ran with a dash.
Onto the chair I landed with a flop, opened up that folder on my computer’s desktop.

Just one more image, just one more edit. I had to do it, I wouldn’t regret it.
“What are you doing? I thought you were done?” called my husband, wondering why I had run.
“I’ll be there in a minute, I have one thing to do,” as I opened up Photoshop I guessed that he knew.

A photographer’s work is never completed as was made evident by where I was seated.
The desire to design and drive to create is something that is every photographer’s trait.
So even though my “work” may be done, I’ll continue to snap and to edit for fun.

So here’s one more image for 2010, though I’m sure there will be more between now and then.
Because I love what I do and I’m blessed beyond measure, here’s a photo of one of my life’s greatest treasures.
Merry Christmas from the Squires, it’s been a great year. Thank you to everyone who helped get me here.

deserving dad | roseville family photographer

When I posted the Deserving Dad contest back during Father’s Day weekend earlier this year, I had no idea the response I would get. After reading and re-reading (through tear-filled eyes) all of the entries, my selection team and I decided on this family to receive one of the complimentary sessions.

“I would like to nominate my husband, Earl, because of all he has sacrificed for our family this year. A year ago we were struggling to stay afloat financially. Christmas was coming and we had no way of providing the kids with the Christmas they dreamed of. As a parent it was heartbreaking. While we did have some angels step in to help us out, we needed to find a solution to our financial problems. My husband Earl had been offered to go to New Jersey for the Army to train deploying soldiers and had turned it down because of the time and distance commitment. Christmas last year changed his mind and in February, he drove his truck out there and started his orders. Earl has been living alone and with other soldiers since then and will be returning home in February. This position with the Army was just what our family needed to catch up on a mountain of debt and bills, as well as being able to put aside a savings plan – finally! Our family has been so blessed because of my husband’s decision and I am so very proud of him.”

And I just had to include some images of Jen by herself. Seriously–she is one hot mama! Though she nominated her husband, she is so incredibly deserving too, and has had an amazing journey this past year as she trained for and ran her first half marathon in Disneyland.